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  1. W

    How do I go on with such anxiety

    Okay, I really need to vent this out and any response at this point would help. One day, 5 years ago, I went on a cam site (not for money, just fun and attention i guess) and I was screen capped (which at the time I didn't know would happen). Then once I went on cam with my ex-boyfriend and we...
  2. M

    Can we talk about mental illness?

    It's taboo, I know, but I think that it's important that the models who are ill can find and see what works well for other models who struggle with mental illness. I have PTSD and Major Depression Disorder. With all that, just existing is difficult at times when I feel especially low. Finding...
  3. S

    How do I support my friend?

    Help! I'm out of my depth! My friend who is a cam model is suffering from, and negatively judging herself, for her choice of work. How can I best support her? She says she's unhappy, frustrated, and sad. When I started to ask questions, part of her problem is the way guests and basics treat...
  4. Quinn

    Advice For A Model W/ Mental Illness

    Hey all, I'm 24 and have been camming on and off (emphasis on off :( ) for the last year or so now. I've had to really put it on the back burner due to extremely bad anxiety and depression. For about 6 months, I was barely able to get out of bed and burned through all of my savings going to...
  5. Moonnymph

    Feeling very depressed/hopeless, hoping for some model support

    hi guys. I recently started camming on chaturbate on August's been fun and good most days. Today was my birthday and I was really hoping to get on cam today to celebrate, but my license expired today and I couldn't take tips. I got really sad and I logged off, walked to the DMV and...