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Dec 20, 2019
Okay, I really need to vent this out and any response at this point would help. One day, 5 years ago, I went on a cam site (not for money, just fun and attention i guess) and I was screen capped (which at the time I didn't know would happen). Then once I went on cam with my ex-boyfriend and we did things (again only for fun, I never got paid by this site) and that was screencapped too. Now, after this a guyfriend of mine, who now is actually not a friend at all, hacked my facebook and saw the link I sent to myself of my profile - he then proceeded to search my cam name and showed people I am close with. I then had a huge panic attack and attempted to delete everything - most of it is gone because I only went on the site 3 times. Fast forward 5 years, i had random crippling anxiety that my current boyfriend would find out somehow about these photos and i searched my name and theyre still on 2 sites. I cannot stop feeling like so anxious. I did tell my boyfriend that I had done this in the past but did not mention they are still on these sites. I am now attempting to remove them as hard as I can. I wake up everymorning with crippling anxiety - I dont want to leave my house in fear someone that my guyfriend in the past showed photos too will see me and mention it -It's highly unlikey but that little possibility destroys me. Thanks for listening. Any advice on take downs? I've tried CMP but that cannot remove from these 2 sites. I'm going to try I know these sites ingnore DMCA but I'm willing to file a subponea for their information in hopes they will realise it should just be removed so their identity isn't found out.


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Jul 25, 2014
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I am so sorry for all the stress this has brought you. And I'm sorry that exfriend did that to you. He could of gotten you hurt physically by his gossiping. Outing people isn't cool. Most of society fears women who express their sexuality and want to control them.

Please PLEASE PLEASE go speak to a therapist if you haven't yet. If this is causing you crippling anxiety, you need help.

I want to let you know there is NOTHING wrong with what you did. You were expressing and experimenting with your sexuality, and unfortunately judgmental twats like to make your twat their business. It's sick.

On the takedowns, you can try to talk to a copyright lawyer to help subpanea and to get your old content removed, but if those sites are operating in countries that don't have to comply with the laws, your hands are tied. the next step then is acceptance. It is hard to remove things from the internet once the internet gets ahold of it. i think that's why therapy would be important. Avoid religious centered therapy. lgbtq counselors are more familiar with helping clients shamed for sexual expression.
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Nov 12, 2017
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I am not a model nor have I had myself capped or a video taken of, or anything else you have mentioned but trying to think of it from your current boyfriends perspective, I am putting myself in his shoes (in a positive way not negative, so don't worry).

I mean with him, it truly all boils down to what type of person your boyfriend is. If it was me personally, I'd talk with my girlfriend with it, learn why she did it and try to understand, etc and then we'd leave it like that. I wouldn't even want to see your screencaps, especially if I also knew one/some were of you with an ex - believe it or not, I know guys typically get a bad reputation but I don't think any (or most?) would want to see our now girlfriend or wife, fucking an ex. Hopefully, he is one of these that wouldn't want to and would just "forget" about the whole thing and then both of you ONLY worry more about it IF it somehow does resurface.
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