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  1. W

    How do I go on with such anxiety

    Okay, I really need to vent this out and any response at this point would help. One day, 5 years ago, I went on a cam site (not for money, just fun and attention i guess) and I was screen capped (which at the time I didn't know would happen). Then once I went on cam with my ex-boyfriend and we...
  2. VixenMinx_

    Your first stolen content experience?

    Hi everyone, I was alerted today by someone that a website had videos of my streams uploaded. I was frustrated, angry and felt pretty crappy about it, to be honest. I knew it was 100% a risk when I started camming, but I didn't think I would have to worry about it until I had been camming for at...
  3. Sneeqie

    DMCA - Get Content OFF Google

    Below I will detail out how to go straight to the source (Google), and submit an easy form to get it down. I have just been given this from a member of #GirlsOfTwitter promoter group I am a part of. It was so random, and it was like eye opening - because I have searched many times for Google...
  4. M

    How to take down my capped screenshot?

    hi, everyone! I'm very frustrated and bothered to find out my show last year was recorded. I quit this job last year, My broadcast didn't last long around 1 month. I've never been naked in public shows, I dress not even sexy but full cover with clothes on. Fortunately, up store has deleted...
  5. lovelypetgirl

    Anyone tried out copypants?

    I signed up, I'm looking forward to a Tumblr plugin so I can watch over my images. Basically it scans your images, and warns you if someone is using it. You can then send a takedown warning or a charge for your image. Or even a "put my link on it" request. Has anyone gave it a shot? (Here's...
  6. FemdomGoddess

    The technology that will stop piracy.

    How To Stop Piracy At Its Source! Please share this information and join the conversation by providing your ideas and opinion! We Are At War! As cam models and digital content creators we are losing the battle against piracy. The pirates have stolen our content and are making a fortune with...
  7. R

    Music in the background of livestream

    Hey all, I notice a lot of models listening to music on cam and honestly some of my favourite things are dancing (badly) and singing along/lipsync to music. I'm wondering tho, can you get copyright complaints for this because of it technically being a show you're making money from? I know some...
  8. K

    Models using stolen artwork?

    Hey gals, I'm pretty new so bear with me here. I've searched the site for this but haven't found any topics on it. Basically I see a LOT of models using artwork that belongs to small, independent artists. This is artwork that is usually taken from a place like DeviantArt, and then the model...
  9. JinKo

    Copyrighted Music in Videos?

    I am a newbie model signed to Extra Lunch Money and I was wondering if using copyrighted songs in my videos that I sell could lead to problems.I assume that a big time record company wouldn't care if Any porn models do this as its not uploading their music for the purpose of strictly listening...
  10. doesmeproud

    Struggling with recorded content and removal of?

    I'm having a slight nightmare here. Im hoping some kind soul can shed some light, provide a solution or maybe just some comforting rhetoric. :) (apologies in advance I am a guy model, but a very respectful one, and I just can't find as wonderful and compassionate camming forum as here)...