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  1. S

    Chaturbate Payments? Taxes as a camgirl?

    So, I am a new Italian camgirl using Chaturbate. I know there are only these methods: * Paxum ($50.00 minimum) * ePayments ($50.00 minimum) * CosmoPayment ($50.00 minimum) * Fedex ($200.00 minimum) * Wire transfer ($500.00 minimum) * Checks (may take 2-4 weeks to arrive) * Direct Deposit (only...
  2. C


    I've been using ePayments with Chaturbate to get my money for a few months now, and my payments have been getting through just fine. However, they keep having problems and temporarily disabling various services. I'm afraid that some day my transfer will get lost out there. Are you guys using...
  3. MissElly

    CB alternate payment methods?

    Hi, Ive been trawling the threads on here trying to figure out the best alternate payment methods to FCP for CB (yes I know Im late to the game) but I havent been able to figure out anything concrete. At the moment it's a toss up betwen ePayments and Paxum, both of which Ive read some pretty...
  4. W

    Epayments Fraud Not paying

    Hi everyone. I have been trying to get paid from epayments to my bank account for 17 days now. Money is there but when i try do a payment to my bank account all i get is issues! it takes them 3 days to reply to messages! and the staff are useless as if they are all incompetent! They ask for...
  5. Smores

    Anyone Using ePayments for CB Payouts?

    Is it possible to structure an ePayments account to receive payments from CB? Since CB doesn't formally support ePayments, this would require ePayments to give you some kind of bank account so that you could have money wired to that account. I assume that the best way for a model to spend...