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  1. XbambiX

    Chaturbate Plus Kik--Permitted?

    Hello, everyone . . . I have recently begun camming on Chaturbate and am still getting a hang of the rules and regulations . . . I'm wondering if anyone presently camming on the site knows whether it's kosher to invite followers to communicate with you on Kik. (I'm more invested in establishing...
  2. skarlettkwinn

    *New User* Snapchat Help

    Hello Everyone! I am a super new cammer, like barely started yesterday new lol. My fancentro is all set up & I’ve been trying to gain followers on my instagram account, I had 3 pay for my premium snapchat before it was even on fancentro yet so that was a nice start. I want to eventually do...
  3. ShyCollegeSlut

    How to use tumblr?

    I have a tumblr, it's inactive because I have no idea how to use it. Everytime i'd make a post I would hit backspace to much and then i'd delete it all. It pissed me off so I gave up >.< but i'd like to try it, is it worth using? Twitter sensors a lot now, and I have a feeling people don't...
  4. E

    Let's work together on twitter

    I propose the idea that all of us post our twitter accounts below, then each of us must follow all the twitter accounts in this thread, and try to engage with each other on a daily basis. This will help all our fanbases and help us earn more. :woot: Sorry if this has already been done on...
  5. Kody

    Camgirls & Social Media

    Hi guys! So im just wondering, from a customers/followers point of view, how important is it to you that models make use of social media? The likes of twitter/instagram/tumblr/snapchat etc. Thanks! :)
  6. J

    im new to chaturbate, how was your first week or month?

    Hi everyone I'm new here and new to CB :) At the moment I've been on cb for 3 weeks (1-2x/week) and have created a small following, about 950 users (is that good?). All I've done is chat with them and do very minimal teasing. It's super fun! I'm really enjoying it. Would like to know everyone's...