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  1. LilpeachKai

    Price for "friendship" experience

    Hi models! I've been camming on mfc for a few months now, and IDK what it is about me :haha: but I seem to draw in a lot of people who want a chatty/friendship type relationship. I like a lot of these people and am totally happy to indulge, but to me this is WORK, and surprisingly a lot of...
  2. Overdaline77

    Favorite Model

    Who is your favorite model? Tell me all about the one that has you watching her/him every chance you get. I have a new friend I met at jasmin with the screen name TraceyJudd. She is everything I like in a woman. Friendly, sweet, intelligent, charismatic, funny, loyal, playful, sassy and of...
  3. S

    Helping a model

    Hi, so I’m here to know whether or not it’s okay to help a friend who is a cam model. I met her through SM and we became best friends. She always asked for help with money whenever she couldn’t work because of problems she has from Home (gonna try not to go to specific on what the problems are)...
  4. Jesse Angel

    Looking for Camgirl Friends

    I've been kind of a loner so far in my young camming career, and I'd like to reach out and get to know people if anyone's looking for a friend. My name is Jesse, I'm almost 20, Florida born and raised, and I started camming on MyFreeCams in September. My instagram is jesse.angelic.mfc and my...
  5. MrSwoob

    Member Types

    I have been a cam fan for a few years, and one interesting aspect of cam is the type of members, not the models that form. Here are a few traits. What would you add to this topic? Quiet Shy Dude Seen frequently but never says a word and never tips. If addressed may even leave the room, just...