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Price for "friendship" experience

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Apr 21, 2018
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Hi models!
I've been camming on mfc for a few months now, and IDK what it is about me :haha: but I seem to draw in a lot of people who want a chatty/friendship type relationship.

I like a lot of these people and am totally happy to indulge, but to me this is WORK, and surprisingly a lot of them respect that and are okay with paying $$ to shoot daily snapchat messages back and forth and do weekly clothed & nonsexual hangout-style video chats.The thing is- I don't know what to charge for this. They've just been sending me random amounts of money and gifts and that's great but I think for reason of transparency and consistency it'd be nice to set some kind of idk.... weekly fee?

One person in particular wants a few messages a day, and 20-30 minute video hangs once or twice a week. (He's been sending about $150 a week and idk if that's too little, or too much? fml lol)
Does anyone else do this? What do you (or would you) charge?

Thanks :h:
Jun 6, 2018
Dude that sounds awesome! I think 150$ a week for 20-30min video is pretty good. Realistically, if you spend 3 hrs a week that 50$ an hour which for me I would be cool with. Maybe you can figure out how much money you make camming an average per hour and charge that. That's what I would do and maybe add like a 10-15$ more and consider it an 'overtime' fee since it is taking time away from your day or daily activities when your not camming. That is just a thought of mine haha hope it helps
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Dec 20, 2010
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I think the best and most consistent way to handle this is to figure out what you would like to charge per min for a non-nude show. I would at the very least keep it on par with mfc pvt or tru pvt rates. You could give a discount for bulk minutes or repeat customers if you wanted but its not really necessary.

Texting gets a little harder to keep up with. You could charge per text and Id guess something like $1-$2 per text is pretty fair, more if they want you to include pics. Or you could just offer text sessions where they purchase block times of say of 10, 20 or 30min. for yall to chat- Id charge at least $1/min that way.

My last suggestion is to look into sextpanther. I assume your trying to take tokens via mfc for these friendship sessions but if it becomes to overwhelming a site like sextpanther is a god send.
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