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  1. ElleVictoria

    Price help: verified celeb wants photoset to post on socials

    I’ve been asked to create a photo set for a verified rapper with about 2M followers. He wants me to write his name on my body (non nude) and include face and soles of feet in all images. He intends to post them to his tumblr, Facebook, twitter, and instagram. He has asked me to come up with a...
  2. SadieSharp

    How to price your self token wise?

    So my question here is how do you price your self? I use mfc mostly but have been giving Chaturbate a try. I use the same tip menu on both sides and I find that on Chaturbate no one is willing to tip me my MFC prices. Is it because they see me as new and without followers so they think I'm not...
  3. K

    Selling dm?

    Hey guys! New camgirl here! In fact I haven't started yet I'm only active on snapchat and other social media for now. Today someone asked to buy direct (I suppose he means messaging right? lol). I'm new to this and I haven't sold content or anything before so I don't know what price I should...
  4. LilpeachKai

    Price for "friendship" experience

    Hi models! I've been camming on mfc for a few months now, and IDK what it is about me :haha: but I seem to draw in a lot of people who want a chatty/friendship type relationship. I like a lot of these people and am totally happy to indulge, but to me this is WORK, and surprisingly a lot of...
  5. Christina Chambers

    Help, Video Chat

    soooo im trying to fill my services out on manyvids and under video chat there is a section for "Rules" things you will do and wont do in video chat...also the price i have no idea how or what to charge any advice is much appreciated
  6. Sylveeon

    Pricing content to high/low?

    Hello guys! My name is Sylvie Mae and I have been camming for about four months now. One thing I still struggle with is trying to find the right prices to set in my tip menu, on my videos, and countdowns. Sometimes I worry the price is too high, and sometimes I worry I'm selling too much. I've...