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  1. ArianaFoxxx

    question for MFC mail/club mail

    Hey there and happy new year! 🎉 I’m not sure how to send a video to my club members. It just gives me text option. I sent one in chat before but I’m assuming the video saves in the chat? This club is monthly so I don’t want randoms having access to the past video.
  2. ArianaFoxxx

    How to get my rank up

    Good morning everyone! I’ve like I’ve dig myself in a hole and nit sure how to get out. I had my best rank yet last month #1668, this month started off pretty slow ( I’m online for at least 30 hours a week ), now I’m ranked at #3939. I have games, sales, fun shows I plan, etc. I understand it...
  3. ArianaFoxxx

    Question about shows

    Hey babes! So I’ve noticed since I started camming that a lot of the top models have club shows. I’m pretty overwhelmed by shows. I know you can have them when you’re online on public when you meet a goal, etc. but is having members tip for a club you create and have a scheduled night for said...
  4. ArianaFoxxx

    MFC Show advice

    Hello! I need some ideas/help for shows to do online. I set a countdown for things like “take off top”, “take off thong”, “cum show”, etc but still have a hard time meeting my goals. Do you models have any advice on how to have successful shows?
  5. S

    Charlesbot Helpp!! plss

    Hello it's almost my second year in camming on mfc and I feel I can get more tips if I knew how charlesbot worked, I've gave up on him. I can't figure out exactly how to put banners and at least emojis in my chat. And when I command to clear chat and other things charlesbot just continuously...
  6. CuteCuteEbisu

    To bounce or not to bounce? What works for you?

    I have noticed that very few people are willing to tip me to flash, booty shake or stand . I was curious if there is any point in keeping a menu. I feel like doing so that stuff without tips to garner interest isnt really going to help me on SM. It's probably just feeding freeloaders.. But it...
  7. RinnRainbo

    Member not wanting to pay full price/Expecting things for free

    So I have a member of my chat who is a premium and also follows me on my social media. They seemed nice starting out but they want everything for free or discounted. I did a Skype show with them about 2 weeks ago and they didn't even pay me the full amount I asked for. I hesitantly did another...
  8. LilpeachKai

    Price for "friendship" experience

    Hi models! I've been camming on mfc for a few months now, and IDK what it is about me :haha: but I seem to draw in a lot of people who want a chatty/friendship type relationship. I like a lot of these people and am totally happy to indulge, but to me this is WORK, and surprisingly a lot of...
  9. M

    "LiveGirl" Camsite Twitter DM // SCAM ALERT

    I received this DM on Twitter that looks pretty suspicious. I am afraid to click his sketchy link, so I'm not 100% certain it's a scam, but I am 99% sure and here's why... >>> THE RED FLAGS <<< 1. The message comes from a Twitter user who doesn't follow me and I don't follow them, making...
  10. MissJasminUK

    Struggling with sticking to a schedule!

    Do any other models find it hard to stick to their cam schedule, and get online consistently? I am too anxious to post a schedule, in case I don't end up keeping it :confused:
  11. DiamondNoire1

    Help navigating the online sex work industry

    I've been camming on MFC for about 2 weeks, and I'm already overwhelmed by the sheer possibility of things to do in this industry. I want to be as successful as possible as an online sex worker, but I have no idea what that entails or even where to start. I know many cam girls use mfc and other...
  12. Curvyspaceprincess

    My room always dies down

    I am still a new chaturbate model, only been doing this gig for under a month now. I have about 2000 followers, and my room always has 200+ people. I get a lot of tokens and conversation when members are stripping me. I dance around my room non stop, and talk to everyone - but as soon as I am...
  13. KK_girl


    so I have this "helper" he helps me in the room and the helped me set up my manyvids. He's really good and sweet but I'm not really doing anything he's doing it all. He bought me a dildo because he said he want to help me with videos I didn't want him to but after him pushing for awhile I said...
  14. ElleVictoria

    Pantie selling

    Hey, so I kinda exited the camsite world when I had my final college exams. Half way through uni I'm still not free enough to feel I can put all my energy into cam work or making videos. I have found, I can make a nice bit of side money from selling my panties to my regular clients who...
  15. adystan_com

    Phone app idea to bring models and members together

    Hey to all you ACF awesome people! I'm a full stack web dev with mobile apps development experience and I came up with an idea for a phone app that would work to bring models and member together. Please tell me what you think is good and bad about it. 1. it will contain all models on big sites...
  16. H

    Advice for a new model

    Hi all, There's a new model who's just started on Chaturbate and I was wondering if anyone has any links that could help her improve her show and gain more followers. I've seen some good articles already, but more the merrier. Thanks.
  17. G

    How can I attract more people to my MFC room? Best cam times?

    Hi all! I've been on MFC for a few weeks now and I feel like I'm digging a deeper hole when it comes to attracting new members to my room and keeping them there. I talk, smile, dance, tease, have games and raffles, let everyone know when Im going on via my social media sites, made all my tags...
  18. MelodyMaze

    How are girls keeping camscore up and working many hours?

    So realistically there are good days and slow days. When it is dead in my room I will log of within 15 to 30 mins and it can suck spending the time to get ready to cam and then it be a waste of time it feels like. Every time I have a slow day my camscore drops really fast and as a result I will...