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  1. L

    Price for "friendship" experience

    Hi models! I've been camming on mfc for a few months now, and IDK what it is about me :haha: but I seem to draw in a lot of people who want a chatty/friendship type relationship. I like a lot of these people and am totally happy to indulge, but to me this is WORK, and surprisingly a lot of...
  2. TeraWest

    Logged into my member/ creeper account, and

    I logged into my creeper/ member account to tip models and experience things from a member's perspective. Wow! I didn't chat, really, just tipped 10- 20 tokens with a compliment to models i enjoyed. I was drowned in private messages, and had one girl completely bitch me out for tipping 20...
  3. Starman

    Bright ideas for model shows

    I got a zillion of them! Are they any good? Well .... As a fan of old-fashioned strip tease and slow teasing in general, I'd like to see a model who, instead of designating tip amounts for "remove blouse," "remove bra," remove skirt," remove panties," has tip amounts for "undo one button,"...
  4. bamxo

    Models - Will you show your private life to your selected members?

    Hi I was wondering today if some models are willing to show via private sessions their day by day routine to their most important members. Of course non-adult things. Thanks B
  5. MrSwoob

    Organizing all the lovelies on MFC

    This may be a topic no one cares about, but hey there are a few of those here. I have been a MFC fan for some time. Lately I have been playing around with the model list settings. I have to admit they way you can configure a personal list of models is pretty impressive.Here are a few things I...
  6. AudreySparks

    I'm at a loss here...

    So I use to cam with MFC couple years back. I did pretty decent with money so I was loving it. Now I recently started camming again under a new name yesterday (AudreySparks) and today and both days have been awful! Nobody even talks! They pop in and out in and out so I'll say hi so and so then...
  7. H

    Different types of members - for eg the douchebag

    HI all, Since I started checking out different cam sites I've noticed the different types of members who exists in this environment. It's almost like classifying different types of fauna. To get the ball rolling I've come up with a list - The silent tipper - Tips in a whole lot of 1 tkns and...
  8. AudDust

    Awkward! Can I block a fellow streamate model?

    Hey so I'm new and about to start camming for the first time. I think I've decided on streamate as the first site that I'll try my luck at. Well, I just recently found a girl that I know is on there. o_O We aren't close or anything, I guess if we were friends I'd probably just tell her but I...
  9. Influenced

    Cam Model Site You As A Model Or Member Frequent The Most?

    As the description says, taste wise, model wise, site wise, what is the site you find yourself model or member going to the most on a regular basis the majority of the time? This can be to watch models, socialize or anywhere in between. I myself tend to frequent MyFreeCams the most just...
  10. Joyxoxo

    What do you do when you panic and don.t know what to say while camming??!!

    what can i do if i panic?i forgot everything,i mean i don.t know what to say to members. does this happend to another girls or just me ? :(