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  1. K

    Account Hacked :(

    Hello @punker barbie Unfortunately my account Kriss_Luna was hacked last week and the account email/password were changed so I no longer have access. I sent an email to chaturbate support about the issue but haven't heard back for several days. Is it possible for my account to be recovered...
  2. K

    Account hacked. Please help

    @punker barbie hi, I’m here as a complete last resort. My account was hacked by my mods and I can’t get back into it. I’ve sent a couple emails since yesterday when I was notified by a follower on OnlyFans that someone had been casting f*sting porn on my account. Me and my friend who I stream...
  3. F

    account hack (Recovery)

    @punker barbie good morning we hope you are well We request help with the recovery of an account hacked yesterday from the model Nickname: Kimberly_clars who yesterday transmitted in his account normally but at the end of his transmission at night in his verification email we found a password...
  4. V


    Dear @punker barbie I would like to help me please. We want to report a suspicious activity in our master account, we have been hacked by the head administrator of our studio, and all the personal information from our account have been compromised, the administrator hacked all the information...
  5. B

    Got Exposing nudes Need Help

    ....hi... Is there anybody who can hack or taking down my contents i want to do through DMCA but its too expensive i used to work on chaturbate but i stopped camming in a very long time now The promlem is i still get exposing my nudes to my boss (current job) and some of my friends by my ex...
  6. N

    MY Chaturbate account KEEPS getting hacked and no one will help me!?!?

    I'm really frustrated... Last week I accidentally was tricked into responding to a phishing email from a scammer who said my Chaturbate account had been hit with 3 strikes and I was to be banned unless i respond with my info, Then once i realized I had sent a photo of myself holding my ID to the...
  7. M

    Hacked account

    This month an unpleasant situation happened to me. I received an email supposedly from chaturbate support, saying that my username had been reported 3 times by other users and that I needed to make a confirmation of my data, including password and the 10 confirmation digits. It turns out that I...
  8. S

    My account was HACKED! Please help me!

    Hi, I'm trying to explain everything as detailed as I can. But I feel very frustrated and angry, sorry for any mistake I make writing. And afraid too. Please note that I have 2 step verification so in order for ANYONE to enter my account they should have access to my PERSONAL mobile phone! And...
  9. sspacekittenn

    When to suspect hacked tokens, and what to do?

    Hello everyone! I searched for this, but only found things about generators for MFC, which I don't use. I started camming tonight on Chaturbate- it went great! The only issue I had is my partner, who was watching and modding, alerted me to the idea that someone who was tipping quite a lot...