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My account was HACKED! Please help me!

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Sep 16, 2017

I'm trying to explain everything as detailed as I can. But I feel very frustrated and angry, sorry for any mistake I make writing. And afraid too.

Please note that I have 2 step verification so in order for ANYONE to enter my account they should have access to my PERSONAL mobile phone! And not anyone but ANYONE had access to my personal phone.

So, yesterday I was going to cam and as I entered my account I saw that it was banned (that they had reasons to believe I broke the terms or something similar). I immediately sent an email to support saying that I demanded to know what happened to my account. I received 2 codes in my PERSONAL mobile phone as someone was trying to enter my account, they got the password right. It's the only way possible. I warned support about this too.

It didn't took long for them to unban my account.

Now, today, I loggin and NO ACCOUNT. It has been deleted. Because I was already logged in I saw the 0 tokens in the webpage. I was stolen. I refreshed the page and it said my account was deleted. HOW?! They changed my email, they sent the tokens to somebody else or they filled out the payment info (one of the two), they probably have the fotos of the ID I sent. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS.
I saw that the same thing happened to a girl named English Rose. That's why I've found this forum.

I need help, I'm afraid. I don't know what to do. It took me days of hard work to earn those tokens and now no tokens and my ID was probably stolen to.

I hope someone can put me in direct contact with someone that works on Chaturbate. I can verify my ID in every way. I need help please!
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