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  1. Leverageurassets

    Burnout and when to sign off

    I’m going on 6 wks camming on chaturbate. On Monday I finally debuted my new lush and had a blast. I made more in one night than I was making in a week before. (Side note: it was probably partially enthusiasm, don’t think you can’t cam without the toys because I did until my tippers bought it...
  2. Joannaof1998

    Masturbation help!

    Hello. Since most of the members in this group are women, i just want to ask. Why is it that i get a sensation with shower head on my clitoral area rather than my hand on that area? Even oral won't do anything to me. Why is it that? I don't have any toys, just the shower head. But why do i only...
  3. Aayda_Heart

    Health and Safety ~ Tips/Experiences

    I CREATED THIS POST BECAUSE... SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED TO ME RECENTLY... (I'll post about it below, if you would like to read about it.) Please use this thread to post anything related to Health and Safety! This could be a personal experience, a question, a rumor, literally anything!