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  1. LeenaMae


    I've been trying to find a post about tips on how to help prevent piracy. Obviously there's no fool proof solution, but I finally had my first situation. I've been looking into paid services, example cam model protection. I've heard their services are good, but that's a hefty price tag. Is it...
  2. C

    Broadcasting illegal in some countries

    Hello dear wonderful people of Chaturbate. As you know, creating and broadcast of pornographic materials is still illegal in some countries in East Europe (sometimes even just watching video or sharing links can get you fines and jail time). Now I have seen some people from my country...
  3. PoppyBryers

    What Countries are Illegal to Cam in?

    Hello! I'm a camgirl on MFC. Been camming for a few years now. Just out of curiosity to fellow cam girls out there---Anyone know the laws in Japan regarding camming? Reason I'm asking is because I have intentions of going there for a few months, and of course, I'd like to cam at the same...
  4. EvieKnowsBest


    Hey! So.. Been curious about this one for a while now. I have worked on the site before, under 2 different usernames, and after a couple of years, I decided to google them and see what comes up. Apparently, people still post some mp4s and screencaps, altho I...
  5. K

    Models using stolen artwork?

    Hey gals, I'm pretty new so bear with me here. I've searched the site for this but haven't found any topics on it. Basically I see a LOT of models using artwork that belongs to small, independent artists. This is artwork that is usually taken from a place like DeviantArt, and then the model...
  6. doesmeproud

    Struggling with recorded content and removal of?

    I'm having a slight nightmare here. Im hoping some kind soul can shed some light, provide a solution or maybe just some comforting rhetoric. :) (apologies in advance I am a guy model, but a very respectful one, and I just can't find as wonderful and compassionate camming forum as here)...