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  1. A

    Can’t login because of 2-step verification :(

    Hello! Pls help :(. I was trying to login into my account (an0nymouse3) but I recently changed my phone, so my Google Authenticator app got reseted, so I can’t get in. What can I do? I contacted support but haven’t got a reply. Changed my password via my email, but still can’t get in. Help :(...
  2. C

    Can't log in at all

    Hey, I'm kinda new here but I'm having so many issues and I'm also kinda worried. So I tried to log into Chaturbate a fair few weeks ago and found that I couldn't. I mean, this was weird because I have my login stuff saved on there, but it was bouncing me saying that my details were wrong. I...
  3. lostboy

    My VERIFIED Chaturbate account got banned

    I recently age-verified an account (in a pretty tedious and painstaking process, I might add). The problem is that I had an account before that from the same IP that i didn't verify and which got banned. To temporarily fix this I was using a private window in Firefox which doesn't store cookies...