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  1. MillyNoelle

    If you started out today with zero followers online - what would you do differently?

    I've read too many sad stories about new models getting discouraged by trolls or not being able to even earn 50$ a week during their first 6 months camming/making adult content causing them to quit. What's your top 3 advice for new models in 2021? If you started out today with zero followers...
  2. Sugar_butt

    Snapchat Marketing

    Okay so when I started caming several months ago I got LOTS of users buying my Snapchat. I have a price that’s “for life” which I know some say not to do, but I use it to market when I broadcast, votes on favorite things I do in shows along with daily nude/ semi nude. Now, I can’t get ANYONE to...
  3. Dan Epstein

    Free Marketing tools, definitions and topics.

    Hi, I am delving deeper into the digital advertising world and studies, so I can only see it fit to share the knowledge with my favorite community. I have a few apps, insights, and processes to recommend, however I will start by asking which topic would you like me to tackle first: -Scraping...
  4. T

    How do you promote your web cam model page?

    Hi model, How do you promote your web cam model page? Do you know tube sites? Do you work with some marketing software or app ?
  5. ChantelleArmaj

    So....Twitter/Social Media For New Models....How do!??!

    I'm brand new to CB as I've only broadcasted 4 times so far, but already I have a couple of regulars that have asked me about Twitter and whether or not I have an account. Does anyone have suggestions on how to go about creating a Twitter, or even an Instagram or Snapchat as a model for your...
  6. Smores

    Is Chaturbate in a State of Decline?

    I have had a number of models comment to me lately that their revenue on Chaturbate is declining. Have others seen this trend as well, and what do you think the reasons are for it? I wanted to see if this was a problem with traffic, so I did a quick comparison of CB and MFC in Google Trends...
  7. Witchessleep

    Fleshing out details for snapchat premium

    I've decided to start a premium snapchat and advertise it on my Chaturbate. To start out, I was going to do a 1 year snapchat access for 600 token, then as I get more fans, do 400 tokens for a monthly subscription and 1600 for a 1 year subscription. But before I start advertising it, I wanted to...
  8. ShyCollegeSlut

    Twitter Advertising

    This is my twitter link for reference to what I will be asking about. To be honest, I never used twitter before cam, and I had zero interest in tweeting real life things to random people. I mainly use it to advertise, post links, and have recently (very...
  9. KitanaKim

    Utilize Your Fanbase and Become an Influencer

    I've always wanted to use social media services to grow my Instagram account faster but I was weary about it because it would mean that complete strangers would have access to my account and they would know what I do for a living. I'm not ashamed of what I do, but I didn't want them to see the...
  10. WyldeRose

    New to ManyVids, Tips please?

    Hello! I recently made a ManyVids account, so I'm new to camming but have a general idea of what I'm doing (sorta) but I'm still a bit lost. What should I include in my "about me"? I'm currently using my IPad and IPhone 6s for everything but what would be a good starter kit to get? Cam ready...
  11. R

    Do you sell any content on your own website?

    How do you drive traffic? Do you sell on all the other possible clip sites (C4S,MV,etc..) ? Percentage wise, how much do you sell on your own site vs the other clip sites?