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  1. I

    Wire Transfer not being processed

    Hello @punker barbie, I'm having trouble receiving all of my payout requests for the month of January. I will write below all my history: - On January 11th I requested my first Daily Payout - On the 19th of January I received two emails from Chaturbate confirming the sending of two different...
  2. R

    I did not received my payout!

    Hello @punker barbie I hope you can help me becasue it is a very IMPORTANT REQUEST! i been always received my payouts, expect the current one: Dec 2022 16-31 payouts, what will has to sent by within 7 days following But i been still haven't received it, i contacted support! But not answering...
  3. G

    Getting paid BTC , something is going wrong...

    Account CB : goMayhem ticket : 20306543 Hello Friends, Hope you guys can help me out. So after the first time we request the payout to be in BTC since i already have wallets. I use my coin base for this matter. I was happy when I received this email! : Support (Chaturbate) Sep 17, 2022...
  4. babykalina

    EU models payments

    Hello guys :) Just wondering, a lot of adult content websites I've dealt with like pornhub, OF, fansly and stripchat actually use SEPA transferences as a payment method (which doesn't have a fee applied directly) making the perfect payment method for European content creators. On CB, the...
  5. K

    my payment was blocked due to an unverified person on the camera (who was not there!)

    my payment was blocked due to an unverified person on the camera (who was not there!) MY request (20036877) / Hello, I was supposed to receive a payment from Chaturbate today, but support blocked it and sent me an email "Due to a compliance issue with your account we are holding your 2022-08-01...
  6. Missivyrose

    Need instant pay option! Wire transfer? Chaturbate

    Hi guys. So I am eligible for the daily payout & usually have checks sent to me. I am needing my money instantly, I need to get rent in, are there any options that I can have same day access to my pay? I’m in the United States, I’m willing to pay the 45$ for a wire transfer, but don’t want to...
  7. Q

    payment being held for w9 form

    Hi.I'm a Chinese in China who broadcast in has keeps my 2-month payment for keeping asking for w9 form picture from me.what could I do ? How do I get my payment back ? I keep email to them and they don't even mail me back.
  8. squirtalot

    Wire transfer to Europe

    Dear colleagues ;) I've been camming for about 3 weeks now and I guess I'm having jitters about the first international wire transfer. I converted my tokens on the 27th of April and I just need a little clarification from my fellow European models. How soon do you receive your payment using bank...
  9. StarSpirit

    Best payout method - Europe

    Hello lovely people - especially from Europe (and especially if you are from any of these: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary)! So I was looking into payout methods both on CB and MFC - and the reviews online aren't the best. Some people could not even register, some did not get...
  10. Venxs

    Direct deposit Europe

    Hi guys, can someone tell me if we can get direct deposits in Europe? Which is the best way to be paid by CB being in EU? Thanks in advance!
  11. kgreen

    Canadian Payment Options

    Sorry if this has been asked may times already but does anyone have any idea on what payment options are best for Canadians? I'm new to CB (holy crap! SO MUCH FUN) but I'm not sure how the payment options work for Canadians. I feel like I've Googled it so many times but still don't really...
  12. sweetmoon

    Some girl already received her chaturbate payments?

    Hello everyone, I'm a little scared with my chaturbate payment, I have friends who have had problems with their payments and I wanted to know if you have already received chaturbate payment ?, are supposed to send payments on the 7th of each month of the 16th period -31 December I still have not...