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  1. Capryce

    Taking good pictures of yourself

    Hi ladies, I was thinking about starting to sell pictures but I could need some advices... so far all I've been doing are personalized pictures or just basic selfies, so far it's easy to do. Now I'd like to create galleries and themed pictures to sell, but the problem is that I have nobody to...
  2. NerdyZoey

    Profile Picture Questions?

    I’ve been looking all over the internet at different profile pictures on different sites. I’m interested in starting off on CB and SM, to see which works best for me as a newbie, and when more comfortable possibly try MFC. I can’t suss out which photo to use as my first profile pic? Maybe I’m...
  3. kitty quinn

    Pricing Videos for MFC Share and ManyVids....?

    I wanted a little insight on how you ladies do this. I have only two video store MFC share and manyvids. The cam girl who taught me about MV has like 200-300 videos and sells them for only 5-10$ So not to expensive but i had my vids as that, and then i notice on mfc cam girls sell for 200-500...
  4. ninafoxxx

    Rejected SM photos

    I can understand why a nude photo can get rejected but I uploaded a face pic and it was rejected.There were no toys in the pic and it was taken from my webcam...the only reason I can think of is because I used the "mirror effect"? What's the reasoning behind that??
  5. G_O_G_O

    Problems uploading pics

    Hey all. I've come across a problem where whenever I upload a pic on MFC, it comes up with an unattractive olive hue to it. I've edited the photos on photoshop, saved them as a JPEG and PNG and they still do the same thing. However, I've tried uploading pics from my hard drive that I've had for...