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punker barbie

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  1. C

    banned from site

    hello @punker barbie ! I've started camming like 3 weeks ago and got banned mid stream a couple days ago. Sent an email to support to know my situation and got a response a couple days later saying I was permanently banned from the site for including content containing minors. Tried to explain...
  2. A

    Banned account

    @punker barbie My account is ancla_boss and I have been banned since December 13 for an unfair reason, they already answered an email saying that all activity within my account is my responsibility, but a user who could not be in cb sent me tokens without my consent and I did the normal process...
  3. H

    Help me

    @punker barbie help me Hello, my account malla_lov_ato__18 was deleted without my authorization and now I'm trying to create a new account and the banned document appears. Please help me. Someone tried to steal my account and they deleted it. Now I'm trying to create a new account and the...
  4. G

    chaturbate account ban

    @punker barbie good night, Yesterday I had problems with my Kimwillies account (not my real name) where I suffered a ban on my account due to the appearance on camera of an unauthorized person in my transmission, therefore I proceeded to upload the documents of this person but by accident He...
  5. E

    Account banned Chaturbate

    Hello @punker barbie ,my username chaturbate îs alessia29, I worked on the chaturbate account for years and my account got banned! The support people do not answer me and do not want to help me, I would like to continue working on chaturbate because it is my soul site! thank you from the bottom...
  6. L

    Account banned Lenna_may

    Hello @punker barbie my account was banned because i show a picture of me (fully dressed) from when I was little (i guess), I wasn't thinking about doing any kind of show with it, I was just having a conversation about the past. It was my mistake, but I would like you to help me verify if it...
  7. S

    Chaturbate Help Account Suspension

    Hello @punker barbie, I need your help with an inquiry for a specific model, her account is Annaxnasty she was suspended due to a conversation with a member in her chat. She hasn't received a response to her email that was sent to Chaturbate support after she responded that she has received...
  8. G

    chaturbate ban

    good afternoon @punker barbie we hope you are doing well, I would like to ask you for help with a specific account, which is SophiaCampbelll account, she is one of our studio models, it is not her real name, it is the nickname of her page, she currently has a ban in force in his chaturbate...
  9. G

    chaturbate ban

    @punker barbie Good afternoon, I greet you formally, sorry for the inconvenience gentlemen chaturbate a few days ago an inconvenience occurred when an unauthorized person appeared on my account to transmit with me, he just crossed the camera unexpectedly without knowing the status of the online...
  10. 1

    Please help 🙏

    Okay so I was camming in the privacy of my own yard completely fencing there's no way anybody could see me and I couldn't see anybody else but they thought it was in public, situation and explaining that I was not in public I was on private property My own property also I cashed out right before...
  11. W


    Hey, im a 19 year old streamer on chaturbate, my username is @wehatejohnnyy, and i have gotten 3 emails i guess i didnt notice with 3 different areas trying to login with the correct password but obviously the wrong 2-step verif., im assuming it was someone with a VPN but i have my card...
  12. M

    banned account

    Hello My username is: Marco_franco08 I asked for help with my chaturbate account, I don't know what actually happened, I logged in on my laptop and the next few minutes they banned my account... in fact I got a message to my Gmail email to confirm that it was me who was logging in and I...
  13. S

    Account banned

    Good day @punker barbie I just want to ask if you can help me about my problem I've been ban in the platform for 1 year already and I just received a response that I used altered identification even if I'm not. My username is ''maria_walton" I have a proof that my identification was authentic...
  14. G

    chaturbate ban

    good morning @punker barbie I would like to request your help please good morning how are you? I send this request since yesterday an unverified broadcaster appeared in my account, which generated a ban on my platform, I would like to request help with the process of enabling my account to...
  15. D

    Heeeelp please unlock account

    I sent an email from my chaturbate account my username is gianna_curly I need help please to unlock my account, please help me support . 🙏🙏🙏
  16. P

    Age verification has been removed

    Hello again @punker barbie I send documents to support but still they don’t answer I’m banned from age verification, please could you help me with this?? Ticket #22689918
  17. Torikissess

    Account banned because I look young

    Hello dear @punker barbie , my nickname on Chaterbate torikissess, 3 years egoi have ban bc i young.I found information that you can restore your account after six months. 3 years have passed and my appearance has changed.I didn't break any rules and I really want to continue working hard.I...
  18. P

    wrongfully banned

    Hello @punker barbie , Unfortunately and to my surprise i got banned a few days ago. Did PVT shows in the morning, the same stuff i have literally done over a 100+ times over the course of 3+ years and when i logged in during the afternoon i was banned because i 'may have violated your terms...
  19. M

    @punker barbie

    @punker barbie my user name is miss_gateway i am unable to cash out. why?
  20. X

    My model account was banned and id like some help @punker barbie :(

    I been a chaturbate model at least since 2018 and during the last document verification in nov they banned my account Ninasuicide while i was streaming i didnt worried and i just send an email to support but after several days they finally answer saying i was permanently banned and my account...