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punker barbie

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  1. J

    Account Banned

    Hi @punker barbie Please do help me with my account that been Banned just today when I am about to go and get back to work, I don't know the reason why they Banned my New Chaturbate Account username is Andi_Purre. I already send them email to get some answers why they Banned my chaturbate...
  2. J

    Chaturbate Ban - document's misunderstanding

    Hello, I own a studio in Poland. One of our models had a friend witch she done like one stream with - and that friend was also verified user on her account. After some time of working (the model that got banned done like crazy good on chaturbate) - she got banned because her friend did some...
  3. Y

    Account Banned Please Help me

    Good Day Please help me @punker barbie my account is banned i dont have violate any terms and condition. Please help me my username is Beautiful_Friancia. And my salary also please help me to follow up. Cb support didnt reply me since last week. Please help me @punker barbie i need my...
  4. D

    Automatic banned

    Good Day Please help me @punker barbie for my account banned i didnt violate any rules and as i open my account its banned. Please help me so that i can work again and i also email cb support but they dont reply me at all. My username Kenzolyncute please help me i need my account to be back pls...
  5. Y

    Account banned without reason

    Good Day Please help me @punker barbie my account is banned i dont have violate any terms and condition. Please help me my username is Beautiful_Friancia. And my salary also please help me to follow up. Cb support didnt reply me since yesterday. Thank you
  6. B

    Studio sent false documents

    @punker barbie hello. 1 year ago I worked in a studio where they send fake photos of my documents for verification. I couldn’t control that. when I stopped working there in January 2022 I created a new account (VioletLairdd) and it got permanently banned after verification. please help me to get...
  7. Y

    Account banned Altered Documents

    Hi Good Day @punker barbie I just want to asked why account was banned username is yoursweetcaroline . I just want to know why my account banned . I just want to provide u some of my receipts and all of my if are legitimate and real . I just want to know why my account banned thats...
  8. S

    Account Banned with the reason loop

    Hi Good Day , This is sugar_dollycumx this is my username. This is what happen way back January 11, 2022 my account was banned due to loop and honestly when i got the email said that i am doing a recording thats not permitted on your chaturbate platform. i appealed the banned said of...
  9. T

    Accont banned permanent

    Hello! My name is Camarasu Ioana Karina, I am coming to you with this email to ask you for one last chance to create an account on your platform.. I don't know if you have heard my story that I have written in the past.. After some time ago, about 2 years ago, I was permanently banned from...
  10. Y

    Account Banned

    May i know why my account banned ? My username is Cindyaddison . They told me that law enforcement agencies email them and the law enforcement already done emailed them and they didn’t reply .
  11. Y

    Payment Held 🥺

    Good Day I will be follow up for my Salary payment held here's the ticket number 20582644 and this one 20582612 Pls help me because our salary is being held. And i upload my payee id and image for age verification Thank you @punker barbie
  12. D

    Account banned chaturbate

    this is my first account on the site, it was blocked, I did not break the rules, can you help me unblock my account? my chaturbate name is: crazygirlwet
  13. D

    One of our accounts were banned please help

    @punker barbie Can you please help us with our account it's twiztedtony. We were camming with a multiple account at the same time because we saw Here in the forums that it was allowed as long as it is separate cameras and camera angles.
  14. N

    Account Banned for no reason

    Hi goodday @punker barbie i am new at chaturbate platform ive been streaming for almost 3 months now. my Account was banned last week with no reasons since my account is new and it is fully verified , i havent knew what is my violation since i am not broadcasting at that time . i sincerely...
  15. L

    Account Banned

    Hi, my account was blocked after a failed attempt at a new verification. I was written that my documents are not valid and after some attempts to pass it again I got blocked. Why was I blocked? Support is ignoring me, help me please @punker barbie Support didn't give me any ticket number! My...
  16. R

    Account Banned

    Hi, I got my account blocked back in February. Just found out today that it turns out you can get help here. My account was less than a week old, before the broadcast I made sure to read all the rules and made notes. On the third broadcast I got a permanent ban. I still think it was some kind of...
  17. J

    Account inquiry

    Hello everyone! A friend of mine told me about this site because he got his account back. I hope mine will solve too. He said i will tag you because you will be able to help me @punker barbie By the way my username in chaturbate is "madame_ali" i am ban maybe its almost 4 months now before i...
  18. u_heartbreakers

    Broadcast Suspended ticket 20280690

    Hello @punker barbie. I had a very unfortunate situation. One day I found the inscription "Broadcast Suspended". I immediately wrote to chaturbate support via email and a form on the site. Many letters were written but I never received a response. The last sing ticket is number 20280690...
  19. pau__123

    please help account banned

    hi @punker barbie I hope you are well, I would like you to please help me, my account is banned account molly_13 ticket 20280413 I tell you what happened, I made the mistake of sending my documents a second time when they were already verified. It's just that I thought that since I...
  20. L

    I haven’t gotten paid

    I’ve been emailing Chaturbate support for weeks about my money being held on and never gotten a response after a month then they say I need a w9 which I constantly send them and each time I send it there’s always another problem why I can’t get paid now you stop responding after I finally fixed...