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punker barbie

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  1. Sexylilyx

    Deactivated account

    Hello, I would like to ask if what will i do to reactivating my account? Username: sexylilyX I already emailed support still no reply. Or do i need to create a new one. Please help me to this issue @punker barbie Thank you very much
  2. 1

    Reinstatement Of Accounts

    @punker barbie First And Foremost, Hope All Is Well! I recently received a notice of the following: "Account Banned We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service." I am an Active CB Model on your website for over a year now. I Have Not Knowingly Violated Any Of...
  3. V

    Age Verification

    good afternoon, and I tried to upload my documents to my account but still do not approve of my age My account is // violetaandtomashot.
  4. V


  5. A

    Cannot get into CB - no replies from Support

    Hi there! My profile name is adamc86 and I have sent six emails to support with zero responses. I got locked out of my account and cannot gain access. I thought I had my account attached to my email, but it is not. Is there anyway you, @punker barbie, could see what is going on? I’m not a cam...
  6. G

    Can’t get through age verified

    Hey greyxwind here which is my username on chaturbate as well. I’m having a difficult time getting myself age verified. I’ve sent multiple pictures and ID stuff but I got banned. Not sure what’s going on. I think it might be because I look young? But it’s not my fault I have a ping face is it...
  7. V

    Missing payment

    Hello @punker barbie . I was due to receive a daily payout today, but I received a message from you that the payment is sent, yet there is no signs of any transactions going on into my BTC wallet. From my past experience, the time that is required for the money to arrive in my wallet after I...
  8. babykalina

    Banned After Carnival Outfit

    Hi @punker barbie and hi to everyone! I work in CB since August 2019 and everything is been pretty good. Now it's Carnival time and i was doing a carnival party with an outfit, basically i was "cosplaying" like a naughty nun without any acessories related to religion or offensive to the terms...
  9. L

    How do I get unbanned from Chaturbate

    I made an account with my wife to broadcast a few weeks ago and aside from the occasional bong in the background when we change locations in the house and fail to notice the background elements, we are pretty respectful of the rules. We happened to overlook the rule about posting things like...
  10. C

    banned after 2 years of broadcasting !

    Hi guys, I've recently being banned from CB and the support state I've been into a conversation with a viewer about sexual content with minors. I didn't know that to be honest and secondly, I did it just to encourage my viewer without having the knowledge that i can be banned if get into such...
  11. mally_cooperr

    Chaturbate Account banned with out explain? been working 2 years

    Hello I would like some help, i had been working with my account for 2 years, and today i got banned with out explained or a single warning, i was broadcasting in my room in a password show with one of my tippers, and suddenly i got banned and now i cant use my account, i sent a mail to support...
  12. L

    Chaterbate issues

    Still not receiving rest password emails. Can someone please help. Support at chaterbate is not helping
  13. Hereiam

    Thank you to Chaturbate crew, thumb's up

    I just want to say that my account been hacked 2 times in last 5 days and cb crew make awesome energy and fast response to help me in all that. I'm very happy about their implication. My account still blocked today for now but they try to find a way to securize and regularize all and assist me...
  14. Tjalan1029

    chaturbate Banned Me

    I don't understand why chaturbate banned me. They sent a notice saying something about my age verification, but I'm 58 years old and I sent them a copy of my ID so I could broadcast and get paid and they banned me. Does anyone know how to contact punker barbie?
  15. F

    Account Banned why ? I didnt nothing until cant open it now

    Hello can someone please help tho my account i have been banned more them 24 hours and i trying to call to see if someone can help me no help even tho i send email and no replay back from chaturbate support team please someone look it up in my account to see whats going on ?I still have tokens...
  16. R

    ID is not valid. Reason: This person is already age verified

    My ID got denied because "this person is already age verified". I would like to get this fixxed or atleast know what other account I have age verified. Thanks in advance! Chaturbate username: BoziPetite @punker barbie
  17. best1offer

    Chaturbate affiliate - account problem

    Hello @punker barbie, I've been promoting Chaturbate for more than 2 and half years and we both made money together during this time.(I pushed the 20% revshare program) My chaturbate username is: "best1offer" Today when I logged in to see the daily stats I got a error message...
  18. NicoleValley1

    Chaturbate Account Banned - Sub_NicoleValley

    @punker barbie Hey, My account name on chaturbate is Sub_NicoleValley A friend of mine told me you could possibly help me or give advise on what I should do. We had a power outage while I was broadcasting, and I was waiting for power to come back on. I accidently fell asleep during the outage...
  19. Caroline Keye

    Chaturbate Account Banned - Caroline Keye

    @punker barbie My account name is caroline_keye I've already sent you an email but Perseus told me it would be better to reach out to you on here and I can't seem to send a PM because I'm not super active on this site. I just want my account unbanned as I haven't broken any of chaturbates...
  20. l0velyl0lita

    ID is not valid. Reason: This person is already age verified.

    Okay.. So I know that there is another thread addressing this, but my situation is a little different! On 9/2 I was broadcasting as usual, but decided to do something new. I brought my bf on screen for a BJ once I hit my goal (his face was never shown) and then got a warning a few minutes...