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I am stuck in pvt mode since 3 days ago

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Jun 11, 2024
Hello! Someone adviced me to Look for help here too. A user found a glitch in the system of ctb , requested a private that Closed immediately But was never charged. The issue is, from that day on , which was in the week( sat or sun) , my account is stuck in pvt mode and i can not stream. He was a free loader never Spended a dime, he just joined my fc and terrorized me from that point On. I ve sent an email to Chaturbate support But they didn t responded yet, that s why i am tagging @punker barbie in the hope she Could help ne out. I am so dissapointed Cuz i worked a lot for my account in this last year that i started, and Now not being able to stream for me it s horrible, i m afraid i m Gonna lose my customers…

Don t have a ticket id yet as they didn t reply me, my username is eva teilor. Thank you so much for Any kind of advice i Could get… :(