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  1. BritneySiren

    Growing pains

    I’ve made this mistake before. I just assumed that because I feel a certain way about relationships that if there’s ever issue a person will say something but maybe this is something I’ve put off thinking about much because I always had some other issue or thing to focus on. I’ve never had the...
  2. Guy

    Have you ever felt that you were pressured into having sex by an SO?

    Have you ever felt that you were pressured into having sex by an SO?
  3. Guy

    Have you ever felt you were being used for sex?

    Have you ever felt that someone who you thought was your SO was actually just using you for sex?
  4. Guy

    Asking CB couples questions about relationships and sex

    As you may or may not already know, I have always been single/never dated and have never been sexually active. I have questions about relationships and sex. I have a feeling that couples on Chaturbate could be helpful to me. Would couples on CB find it odd that I was coming to them to ask...
  5. Jaremi Love

    Camming & My Relationship!

    Hey guys, J here. My fiance and I talked about this career before I started. He said it sounded alright. Well, we plan to do couple's camming when we are able to be reunited and live in the same home again.Anyway, he told me that he was keeping his feelings inside, and actually has a slight...
  6. Sienna_Sol

    Lesbian: should I be honest?

    hey there!! I'm brand new and I have a question. I'm a lesbian, and I know that most of my customers are/will be men. Should I be honest about this? Should I say I'm bisexual? I'm not sure if it would be considered hot to be unattainable or is that a turn off? I've thought maybe I should say...
  7. Camgirl22

    Dating as a camgirl

    Caming effected my last bf, we dated for two years until he ended it. I think my cam job caused him to view me poorly. Fellas would you date a cam girl? Girls do you feel judged and stigmatized in the dating scene?
  8. BlissfulSins


    Hello all! I was just wondering what types of relationships are you all in? Are you single? Open relationship maybe? I want to know. Why? Because I don't exactly have a normal relationship. I am in what is known as a polyamerous relationship. Its close to a open relationship but its not just...
  9. Aspen Marie

    Significant other watching your videos/live feed?

    How do you ladies feel about your significant other watching your videos or live cam feed? I uploaded my first video yesterday. Hubbs got home before I did and watched it, I'm completely fine with him watching anything I put out but I guess I was a little nervous about him watching it. For the...