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  1. Natalie_Lavender

    COSTUME SALE!!! just sharing...

    COSTUME SUPER SALE!!!! Went to Adam & Eve today, because I burned through another wand (LOL), and look what I found!!! EVERY costume was $5 each!!! (I had to stop looking otherwise I would have spent way more than I needed to.) Obviously I had to stay away from all the military branches &...
  2. L

    Cam Domain Sale

    Hi, since i am new here i am not sure if i may sell my domain here? Is there an sub forum where i may open a thread? Thanks
  3. LizzieLust

    3D Printed items

    So I just got a pretty nice 3D printer and I'm super excited about it. Do you guys have any idea what sorts of things members might like/ buy if I 3D printed them?
  4. Miss_Lollipop

    Cammodel Express Sales, Promos & Happenings Thread!

    Hey guys! I wanted to start a thread that I can post occasional sales, promotions and giveaways for the Profile Builder and anything else exciting we may have going on. If you're not sure what Cammodel Express is check out our FAQ - The Profile Builder is a tool that lets you create your own...
  5. VeridianGreene

    Logitech C920 on sale on amazon!

    (If this is against any rules, I'm sorry!) Just figured you ladies would like to know about this awesome deal and jump on it! The Logitech C920 is one of the most recommended cams now on sale via Amazon for only 66 bucks (usually 100) Amazon Prime Link
  6. BJxBlack

    Humble Firaxis Bundle and Winter sale.

    Humble bundle is doing a Firaxis collection consisting of the Civilization and Xcom series for those interested. There are also a few older gems up for sale under the winter sale. I recommend The Long Dark for 50% off(9.99) I feel like I'm playing 4d gaming because my house is so dang cold...