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  1. Lelo1

    SVAKOM Siime Camera Vibrator

    SVAKOM Siime Camera Vibrator Apparently vagina cams are now a thing on CB. Cord seems kind of short IMOP.
  2. Melodiesanddesires

    How the F*ck do you charge MFC's Vibrator?

    It came with a funny charger (which is somewhere in my house.) But to be honest how do you open/stick anything in it? there's no hole, I think. I got it at the AVN in Las Vegas, its pretty great too, I wish I could use it though. Anyone know how to help?
  3. Guy

    Pornhub branches out into interactive sex toys
  4. M

    Buying Fake Cum?

    I don't know how else to word the title, I'm sorry! I am looking for a good brand with decent priced "fake semen" for certain acts in private shows that has been requested a lot by my members. I would use lotion or something, but it's not very convincing or realistic and I really don't want to...
  5. Sextoysinventor

    Community Manager Job Opportunity

    We are launching a new brand of sex toys designed specifically to help cam models make more money. The first product will launch in early January. We are looking for a part time community manager to represent our brand on social media, manage partner relationships with early customers/testers...
  6. cam4katie

    Win a Tremor on CAM4!

    Do you know what the Tremor Rock & Roll sex toy is? It's a world-class ride-on sex toy that's taking the industry by storm, and your favourite camming site is giving away 2 of these bad boys out to 2 lucky North American cammers! Interested? Check out this link to enter...
  7. tinymartianslut

    Help make my ManyVids "Fund Me" Interesting

    So... no one wants to tip to my Fund Me section on ManyVids. I've entered the level of desperation. I have $0 in there. Not certain why. The desired item is an amazing dildo. It'll make my videos awesome. I made the incentive the other day a free nude fan sign to everyone who tips $5. Yeah...
  8. tinymartianslut

    Free Swag Desired, Best Affiliate Programs?

    Hi there. I was recently gushing about a company I like very much and how I was contemplating buying one of their expensive products on Twitter, and they ended up sending me the product! Because I'm a cam model. They wanted me to promote them, to be a brand ambassador. This was so surprising. I...
  9. M

    Are there any models that don't mastrubate on cam?

    I'm just curious because I'd like to start camming but I don't want to masturbate on cam. I don't mind getting completely nude and showing my goodies but I'm not really comfortable with playing with dildos, etc. If there's anyone out there who doesn't masturbate, do you still get success out of...
  10. Ghostie

    Amazon Sex Toys?

    Hi there, I am a new cam model and have purchased a few toys from Amazon. However, I've heard from other models that purchasing sex toys from Amazon is not the best thing, mostly because of quality concerns. I've purchased bullet vibrators as well as a dildo. The bullet vibrator did not last...
  11. PinkyHardOn

    Essential Sex Toys

    What do you think would be the essential sex toys for camming or private shows? Such as lovense as it generates vibes from the tips.
  12. PrettyPetilil

    Games, nails and 'makeshift dildos'

    My thread title sounds like it should be the cover of a erotic novel :P anyway. I just have a few questions that I haven't been able to find the answers to anywhere else (I'm sorry if their on the forum here somewhere and I just havent seen them) I'm new to cam modeling and the last few shows...
  13. Jadeskye

    Safe sex toys!

    Hey I'm not sure if there is a thread (I tried using the search but didn't come across anything with lists) about safe sex toys! I'm an avid believer in practicing safe masturbation with sex toys, as I have gotten a couple infections because of toxic toys and I always try to let new girls know...
  14. MeOwlOmNomz

    Your Favorite Websites and Blogs for Sex Toy Reviews?

    My personal favorite is OhJoySexToy. Everything on their website is helpful and even outside of their reviews they have Sexual Education comments that explain more than anything I've ever heard in any of my Sex Ed Classes. It's a valuable resource I love linking others too. Anyone else know...