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  1. M

    My passport keeps getting Declined

    Hi @Charlie_SC I have tried a number of times to get my passport approved. It keeps saying my id is technically modified. I have tried on two different phones. My twin sister has had no problems being approved.. Can you please help, I would like to start as soon as possible. My sister has...
  2. X

    permanent block

    Hello. My account was permanently blocked whilst I was streaming today. The reason stated was 'Accepting Payments Outside Platform'. I was multistreaming on Chaturbate whilst I received the suspension. I did not accept payments from outside the platform, hence my confusion. I haven't seen any...
  3. M


    Hi team @Charlie_SC @xChloe My id (virgin_sweety) Was suspended forever Reason in unregisterd person broadcasting But there is no other person Im sorry will never rrpeat this mistake again Csn u pkease look into it and please activate my account Requesting you team stripchat Thanking you
  4. P

    Account ban due to illegal activities

    My ac name cherryind ban , after received a Email after contacting,, due to illegal activities,, i didn't do anything, and if anyone's pay me token from illegally then what's my faults??
  5. alien_girl

    Help , Haven’t received payment from StripChat

    Hi everyone , I really need help :( I am writing in regards to not being paid by StripChat. I contacted stripchat support on august 23rd because I received an unusual email about a different sign in on my account. Not even an hour after receiving that email I was unable to open or even log...
  6. F

    Hey i have any question about stripchat platform

    Good night. We are PK2 Studios. Good night. We are PK2 Studios. We are working with your platform ago 2 years. but now we has a new administration and we create PK2Studios. We are from Cucuta Colombia, and in this country last days a lot rooms (not of our studio) had banned, accounts(rooms)...
  7. L

    Laundry money for stripchat?

    I noticed a model in a stripchat with something strange going on in her room. Her nickname is horny_mommy. The account seems to be only for money laundering, which was confirmed by several people I asked about it. The model does not show her face, has no interaction with the viewers, and is not...
  8. M

    OBS and Stripchat

    Hi! I have a 720p webcam, but when I stream on via the Stripchat website, the highest quality option is 480p. I want to increase my stream quality and I seem to understand that I need to use OBS studio to do this. I know how to set it up. I only don't know how to be able to see the chat next to...
  9. HomeStarlet

    Beneficiary name

    Hello, I'm Alex and i represent Home Starlet Studio! For a few days, in the master account, he asked me to select the name of the beneficiary! After I select the beneficiary name and save the changes, the message still appears to me. Does anyone else have this problem? I would like to mention...
  10. S

    Best payment method

    Hi team, It looks like recently all the payouts are getting rejected for payouts for Indian users. Can you please check and confirm the best one which is working for Indians. Userid:
  11. S

    Stripchat Payment delay vvia directa24....still in waiting status for over 4 business days.

    Hi Team, I switched to Directa24 payment setting recently in December. As per which my first payment was processed and received successfully on 21st Dec 2021. Second one from 28th dec was rejected, updated my bank details to fix any issue. Payment from 03rd jan 2022 is in waiting. Please...
  12. CatarinaxLoca

    Suspended account please help

    Hello Cam family, and hopefully stripchat moderators. I am writing this today to plead for help with restoring my stripchat model account CatarinaxLoca . It was just banned this morning and I am confused why. One email said it was banned forever and the other email said my partner and I (whom...
  13. FitMilfBecca

    Stripchat Performer api documentation

    Hi! :) Me and my friends work on a plugin that triggers visual feedbacks based on tips .(kind of of like lovense visual feedback) but the only site seem to share this info is chaturbate . > i would like to integrate stripchat too. And...
  14. PandemicPrincess

    Payment says Paid but still not paid

    Im Pandemic Princess first time poster, My payment is way overdue and claimed to be paid. The fist time i got paid was the day after said day it would be there but its been 5 days and still claims it was paid and i have no pending transactions. I had 7,000 tokens and now i have 0. I contacted...
  15. KimmiReign

    Suspended Account For No Reason

    Honestly this is my last resort and last time trying. I may have to accept my defeat and move on with life. So In April 2021 I started camming with Stripchat. I loved it. And my first 3 days I was doing really well, made great money, and made regulars! I logged on my 4th day to try to stream and...