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tax help

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  1. P

    Canadian girls! I need help for Personal Business tax!

    Hi everyone! I have some concerns with the business tax form. I was just looking at the T2 tax form for self employed business and for Part 2 Internet Business Activities a URL is required. Is it mandatory to give my accountant my URL? Is there another URL from Multi Media LLC that I can...
  2. NortyMiranda

    What is the best MFC payout option for Australians? & do we need to declare earnings to the ATO?

    Hey all, thanks for reading, I am finding it hard online to find out which payment option is best for Australian girls? There seem to be a lot of fee's, and currency transfer fees with all of them, so just wanted to ask if anyone knows which would be the best option to use, Also in regards to...
  3. JessicaMarie_

    Do Canadian camgirls need a GST/HST number? help ;__;

    Hi everyone Im a Canadian camgirl and camming/selling my vids is my only income the last 4 years now. I live in B.C Canada, and was wondering is I need to apply for a GST/HST number? Ive never even heard of one in my life until today when I got a notice in the mail from the Canada Revenue...
  4. ashleyyyy

    Tax question! Please help!

    Hi! So, I have an account on a cam site but I do not want to use it so that I can avoid documentation of money made because my parents still claim me as a dependent, so I don’t want to deal with the taxes. If my friend and I do shows together while logged into her account, so that all the money...
  5. L


    Hi, so I'm pretty desperate for some quick help. I can't really go see an accountant or anything anymore as I sorta lost my 1099, I'll have to find it again soon. Or ask for another. I'm camming on chaturbate. Anyways I got my 1099 misc and decided to file it all on Turbotax. Finished it all and...