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Mar 15, 2016
Hi, so I'm pretty desperate for some quick help. I can't really go see an accountant or anything anymore as I sorta lost my 1099, I'll have to find it again soon. Or ask for another. I'm camming on chaturbate. Anyways I got my 1099 misc and decided to file it all on Turbotax. Finished it all and said I didn't owe or gain anything, $0. Now I'm stuck. What the HECK do I send in the mail to the IRS? When I click Download/Print Return it just gives me 2 short pages, of basically just instructions.

Your federal tax return (Form 1040EZ) shows no balance due or refund

Due/ | amount.

Refund |

_______________| _______________________________________________________________________


What You | Your tax return - The official return for mailing is included in

Need to | this printout. Remember to sign and date the return.

Mail |

| Mail your return to:

| Department of the Treasury

| Internal Revenue Service

| Austin, TX 73301-0014


| Deadline: Postmarked by Monday, April 18, 2016


| Note: Your state return may be due on a different date. Please

| review your state filing instructions.


| Don't forget correct postage on the envelope.

That's about all it says. Is the form I need to send the 1040EZ? How do I get that form?

There is a link that says Download .tax file but I don't have any sort of software to view it, is that what I'm supposed to mail?

I'm so stuck, halp. I thought this was going to be easier.
Oct 31, 2011
You may not be required to file taxes if your income was low enough, and there's no benefit to you if you're not due a refund. For the current tax year, you don't have to file if you were single and earned less than $10,300. More here. That said, I'd recommend contacting TurboTax support, as they would be best able to determine if you missed any steps in the process.
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The CPA a good majority of us use has a twitter. It might be smart to at least consult a pro. @taxxxguy on Twitter
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Jan 18, 2016
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TurboTax is ok, make sure to update it for most recent tax laws.

Employing a CPA familiar with your work is also an excellent suggestion.

1099-MISC comes in from the accounting firm your employer uses, look through old junkmail, it might be there. Heck, I threw a couple out as spam myself. An "open immediate document" from South Carolina? I thought it was a credit card offer
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