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  1. G

    Help with tax questions ?

    Hello fellow cammers, I am hoping someone can give me some insight and ease my mind. I started camming last January and only did for a little over a month. I have just received my 1099 misc from MFC because I made about 1200$. I also have a regular job that I am filing taxes for. I tried to use...
  2. A

    Streamate and taxes.

    Hello! I'm new on the forum, and I need advice about taxes, so if someone can give me any advice I would be really happy! In order to follow taxes here in Argentina, as I am a self employee and I pay my own taxes, I was told by a lawyer that I might need to explain where my incomes come from...
  3. S

    What can we right off on taxes?

    Hey everyone! So I just finished my first year of camming and now I have to file taxes for my first time for camming. I am wondering what we can we can write off? I spend about 300 per month on hair alone Phone Camera Pedicures/Manicures Lubricant Oils Lingerie/Underwear Thank you!
  4. Ambers Troll


    How has #ThotAudit affected you? What do you think will be the impact of #ThotAudit, should it become more widespread/ international or retroactive? I know that this forum has encouraged everyone to pay their taxes, but wonder what the real threat is to the sex industry/ sexual market place...
  5. D

    MFC taxes

    Modeling for MFC - When you receive your 1099 in the mail, does it say MFC on the letter itself? I still live with my parents and don’t want them to find out i’m camming (obviously). Does it say anything on the form itself about MFC? Also, did you end up owing more than you originally thought...
  6. Kiki Korova

    camming on benefits/welfare? taxes?

    Hi I live in the U.K and am currently on income support and disability benefit. I'm just wondering how the money I make camming will affect this if even at all. Will I get into legal trouble? I have never done taxes and have no clue how to. I did a little camming a few years back and it was fine...
  7. S

    Taxes for countries other than USA

    Hi, I counldn't find any information about this anywhere. Do people from European countries have to pay any taxes for the money they earn on chaturbate or myfreecams or other cam sites and do the sites send the form that is send to USA people and do they alert any authorities? Also in general...
  8. kupido

    Avoid paying high taxes by creating an LLC???

    Is it smart to create an LLC asap to avoid paying High taxes, or is there a point where it would be wise to do so? I have heard of this from other amateur models and porn creators...but ive heard many mixed information. I haven't yet tried to seek out more information on it until now. The...
  9. S

    Canadian Camming and HST

    Hey all! Canadian cam girl here, started in October. I just got my taxes done. I was quite vague about what I do to my accountant, but self employed is what I claimed my $14K that I made at the end of last year. After this, my accountant began speaking of HST and what happens once you are no...
  10. Marley Magdalene

    Taxes (Turbo Tax)

    I'm using turbo tax for filing my taxes. What do you enter as your career? Does it matter?
  11. L

    Didn’t file taxes last year

    Last year I got a 1099 form. I was 18 At the time I had no idea what they were. And I didn’t even know that I had to pay taxes back then. So I threw it out. I still have the form on my account thankfully but this year After learning that I may have to pay when I get a 1099 form I used turbo tax...
  12. Spacecadet_

    Dont live with parents, dependent ;taxes and concealing my naughty job

    I found some similar threads but no one in my same situation... So my parents are adamant about claiming me as a dependent for 2017 because they paid for my school tuition, cell phone bill, and im on their insurance. Understandable. However i live on my own and pay my own rent, and have asked...
  13. ShyCollegeSlut

    Tax Write Offs

    I was trying to differentiate what can and can't be used as a tax write off. I have not done so, but at some point I want to get dental implants (because my teeth are awful), and I was curious if that would fall under a potential tax write off or not. I do rely on a nice smile on cam, however...
  14. kitty quinn

    Tax professionals? Who do you ladies go to?

    Okay So i am super nervous for taxes, I havent saved anything I havent even gotten my LLC for my name KittyQuinn... I plan to do this with my next check but I want to talk to a tax pro who works with cam girls. I want to start organizing and saving money and getting ready. Does anyone have a...
  15. EveningDreamsMFC

    Taxes? sorry if this is the wrong thread

    hey all i'm Lo i'm new on here but i had a question, and i've googled but haven't found an answer! so i started camming over a year ago but haven't collected any of my money (i kno but i have a spending problem and it's just good to kno i can get it if NEEDED.. and i'm actually trying to make a...
  16. Kelly_Deadly

    Germany // EU

    Hey there! I was wondering of there are by chance any other models from Germany // the EU on here :) Because I have some questions about how you handle different time zones, taxes and so on! For me working in the early morning works best (so evening shifts in PST), because I'm a morning...
  17. P

    NiteFlirt's Tax Information is Confusing

    So I'm a new phone sex "flirt" on NiteFlirt. If anybody's unfamiliar, you set your own rate that the member who is calling you pays. They do not take out taxes. They say that if you make over $20,000 in gross income in the calendar year, they will send you a 1099-K form and report your gross...
  18. badgirlali

    No tax for other websites?

    So mfc doesn't take out your taxes, which creates me having to save up to make sure i can cover it next year :worried: Is there any websites that does take your taxes out?
  19. J

    Terrified to get tax form from MFC!

    I just signed up for MFC this week and I've made 580 tokens so far. I just realized its tax season. What do I do??? I still live with my parents and they claim me as a dependant because I've never made enough at my dayjob to need to do taxes. I know I can bring it up to my parents sometime after...
  20. S


    okay so I'm new to MFC and probably only have been on the site for a month. I do not want this going through my parents at all so I chose to be paid my check, which I haven't received or cashed yet. However, I've made more than 600 dollars which is when we start getting tax forms right? I've...