MFC taxes

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Nov 9, 2018
Modeling for MFC -
When you receive your 1099 in the mail, does it say MFC on the letter itself? I still live with my parents and don’t want them to find out i’m camming (obviously).
Does it say anything on the form itself about MFC?
Also, did you end up owing more than you originally thought?
Thank you guys for all your time in advance!
Mar 6, 2018
Not sure if you figured this out, but it doesn't say FC on it, no - I still owe the IRS over $10k from years back (so a lot more with interest) because I didn't anticipate taxes and owed a LOT - I learned something this year though that was hugely helpful - I am on more of a part time basis now so the past few years I've made like 10k or less - I've paid$600-800 every year and been super irritated with it - but it turns out if you are under$12k (this varies by age/state I think, but definitely under 10k, you do not have to pay taxes - you still need to file, but not pay! Now am just trying to figure out if I can get money back from the past couple years despite owing, lol.

Hope it went ok April15!
Amy :)