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  1. Bunni

    Filing taxes as a dependent in 2018

    Hello all! Since I only started sex work in late 2016 (October to be exact), I did not earn nearly enough to have to file taxes–only for the three retail jobs I worked that year. Just for future reference, since I'm sure I'll make enough from camming in 2017 to have to file next year, how would...
  2. C

    Is there tax of gift cards?

    Do you have to count amazon gift cards received for snapchat in your taxes?
  3. E

    Finance Series on YNOT Cam

    Hi all, Happy Halloween weekend! Let me ruin it with serious talk... We started a new article series re finances on YNOT Cam -- taxes, money management, labor categories/classifications, prepping for the end of the year, etc etc. Stuff that's not sexy, but highly highly important. We have an...
  4. L


    Hi, so I'm pretty desperate for some quick help. I can't really go see an accountant or anything anymore as I sorta lost my 1099, I'll have to find it again soon. Or ask for another. I'm camming on chaturbate. Anyways I got my 1099 misc and decided to file it all on Turbotax. Finished it all and...
  5. J

    Newbie Chaturbate Tax Help?

    So, I've only been camming for a few months, just a side thing for some extra cash and today I got a 1099 form in the mail. I'm 19, I don't have a job or any other source of income, I'm a dependent under my parents. I made a little more than $700 (like I said, this is only a side thing, I'm not...
  6. BendyGirl

    1099s and MFC

    Hi guys! Still kinda new-ish cam model here. I have a question regarding taxes. When I click the Tax History tab it tells me that a 1099 has been sent to me, but I have yet to receive it. Is this a common thing? I was going to email them to see whats up, especially since the deadline is in 5 days.
  7. A

    Kinda worrying about taxes for MFC models...

    So i just figured out that MFC models that make over a certain amount will get sent a 1099 form. I didn't here about this until now and i am pretty sure i will be getting sent one. My question is how do you fill it out and what does it do. Will i have to pay a large amount to something? I have...