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  1. lil_popcorn

    My Wish List— how does it work?🧞‍♂️❤️

    Hello Community, I’ve added 2 wishlists to my Chaturbate profile. I’m hoping viewers can help me build my show up with their support in order to have more items to perform with. However, I was wondering if models need to give anything in return when customers purchase items on wishlist? Do...
  2. WishTender

    WishTender is Live!

    Hello Ambercutie World! We at WishTender have been working diligently over the past year to build the safest and most flexible wishlist just for you, and so we are super excited to announce that WishTender is finally live! You can sign up as a beta tester at ( to...
  3. WishTender

    Wish List Purchaser Survey

    Hi, We are WishTender. We are a brand new woman developed & owned wish list website geared specifically for internet personalities like you! We are currently in the final stages of building out our website and are seeking some additional information from "Tenders" to help us build the best...
  4. O

    Amazon Locker

    I apologize if this subject has been discussed to death already, but I wanted to make sure other cammers are aware of the Amazon locker option available for anonymous wish list delivery. You can have items from your wishlists delivered directly to these lockers where you can pick them up. It...
  5. Guy

    ebay wishlists

    Do some models have ebay wishlists?
  6. Guy

    Adam & Eve wishlists

    Do some models have Adam & Eve wishlists?
  7. brytta

    New girl with some questions

    Hey everyone! I'm a new to camming, and by new a i mean really new like haven't even done my first broadcast yet. I created a profile on chaturbate so what are the general feels about chaturbate?? was that a good choice for a novice?? also how do you get over the first broadcast nervousness...