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Access to other rooms while broadcasting with the same account

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Feb 22, 2023
Chaturbate Username

on chaturbate it is possible to view and chat with other models while also broadcasting.

Is chaturbate the only Cam site where the setup works as smoothly and easy.

In bongacams i can't see access any other broadcasters with the same profile i'm broadcasting with, not even my own, or am doing something wrong.

Depends on the model. I don't allow people who are currently broadcasting to chat in my room.
i understand if a model don't want others to come to their broadcast.

but i'm not sure if CB is the only site with that functionality, because many models use to visit me and i liked chatting to the models while things are not to busy, it's good company.

It seems with Bongacams doesn't have the system to be able to do that, when busy with a broadcast you can't go into any other broadcasting account with your actual real account.

I can obviously create a guest account but then the models you visit won't even know it's you or see you are broadcasting.

It's nice to have a conversation model to model when you can see each other.
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