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My account was banned

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Mar 16, 2024
Chaturbate Username
Hello, @AmberCutie, could you, please, help me to unban my chaturbate account “Asian_Domina? My account has been permanently banned on 19th march. Unfortunately, I don’t have a ticket number of my case, so I’ll leave here the letters, that I received from chaturbate support: “
We have reason to believe you have provided us with altered or otherwise falsified identification for age verification, which is a serious violation of the Chaturbate Terms and, likely, applicable law. Because we have reason to believe the identification has been altered, your accounts were terminated, and you were permanently banned from the Chaturbate platform.

Any accounts accessed in violation of this permanent ban will be subject to termination without warning and all associated amounts deemed forfeit.”

And: “
Due to a compliance issue with your account we are holding your 2024-03-16 payout
until you resolve this issue. Your payment is being held for violation of our
terms of service, which you agreed to upon signup and again each time you
signed on to broadcast. For your information, an individual appeared on cam
who has not been age verified for your account. All independent broadcasters
who appear on Chaturbate must be age verified BEFORE stepping in front of the
camera. To be clear, this a very serious breach of our policies that we
cannot allow. We can release your payment provided you submit appropriate
age verification for anyone who has or will appear on camera for this account

But both of these reasons have no basis, because I’ve used same passport to register a new account as used to register previous account 1,5 years ago and it’s expire date is 06.25.2030.
And I live alone for last 2 years and never let anyone home while I stream.
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if anyone is able to help it's @punker barbie - but if you already got a reply from support, I would reply to them, if you truly did not have anyone else on the stream, they might be able to look into when the incident happened and look back at it? I imagine if you have any mirror or so in your room, this can trigger as if there's two people
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