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Account banned but two different emails from support

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Dec 12, 2022
Hi @punker barbie

I recieved an email from one support agent saying the following:

Thank you for writing in. Recently we were alerted that you may be engaging in conduct in violation of the Chaturbate Terms, including spamming commercial messages. In order to restore your scottishguy2019 account, please respond acknowledging that this is in violation of the Chaturbate Terms. Should you continue to violate this rule, your account(s) may be suspended and/or terminated from the Chaturbate platform.

So I replied saying I understand and that I was in the wrong but I never knew this and it wont happen again in the future and may my account now be unfrozen as it wasn't banned at that time so then i check my account today and it says BANNED.

I then recieved another email saying this:

Recently we were alerted that you may be engaging in conduct in violation of the Chaturbate Terms, including spamming commercial messages and/or pay-per-meet up services. After further review of this matter, your account was terminated and you were permanently banned from the Chaturbate platform. Should you access any accounts in violation of this permanent ban such accounts will be subject to termination without warning and all amounts associated with such accounts deemed forfeit.

Thank you,
The Chaturbate Team

So I think maybe a different agent has picked this up and they thought well I'll ban you instead of waiting for me to say sorry and that It won't happen again with t I he second email it says about pay per meet up services not once have I ever agreed to meeting up with anyone on my account paid or unpaid but I know what this is in regards to, I contacted a few verified models saying would they be interested in doing a colab etc and if we worked together the tokens would be in my account and I would have to then transfer the tokens in to your account, I know its this because one of them was a model working for a sudio and I could hear the boss come into the room shout something then I was KICKED from that room.

From here I have sent chaturbate a big message saying again that im sorry I do understand my wrong doing and can they give me a slap on the writst as I've built up a following over 19,500 and I earn pretty big being a male cam model as this is my full time job and ive always been loyal to the platform and never worked elsewhere and that I have learnt my mistake and I'll be more vigilant and never to let this happen again now or in the future.

So where do I go from here any thoughts ?
I have pleaded and begged them to re instate my account but still yet no answer so I have read another big model with over a few 100,000 followers and they said on a post just make a new account, can I do this or im banned for life any help from anyone would be great thank you so much :)
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