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Account suspended

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Sep 3, 2021

My account has been suspended last May 22nd and I immediately emailed support and got their response last May 26th. They replied that my account has been suspended for the previously provided age verification documents since Passport ID is no longer accepted. They asked me to submit either National ID or Postal ID and they gave me a deadline until May 28th which is only two days since they replied last May 26th and it states that: to prevent my account from suspension to be converted as ban. Last May 27th the day after I received a response from support, I immediately submitted my scanned National ID front and back and a picture of my National ID next to my face, yet I keep on getting denied because it states that the person I submitted an ID is already approved on the account and it also says that if I want to replace the existing ID with a new ID I will just contact support but I already contacted support bunch of times yet the verification is still denied a few minutes after I submitted it. Why does it want me to submit a new identification if the account is already approved? It doesn't really make any sense. I just want to get my account verified again with my National ID so I can finally broadcast again and it's already May 28th today and I'm afraid that the suspension will be converted as ban. My username is allison_lust and the ticket number is 19663761. Please help me @punker barbie with this matter.

Attached herewith are the screenshots as proof and evidence that I complied.


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