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@punker barbie

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  1. M

    My CB account is banned i dont know why

    Hello Mr. @punker barbie My chaturbate account is martial99 and i used it since too many years and it was banned i dont know why my english is not good and i open broadcast sometimes so if i did fault i can do it everything to take back my account please help me to solve my account is my...
  2. T

    Account ban and supporter membership cancelation

    Dear @punker barbie My account "ticobear0403" got banned as soon as i purchased the supporter subscription, i would like to get my account back and cancel the payment method to avoid getting billed monthly for that subscription. And see how can i get the tokens purchased back. Any help or...
  3. marshall_davids_

    Banned after 2 years for no reason

    @punker barbie Can you please help me restore my banned account. There must be some mistake or misunderstanding, because i never did anything to violate any rules or cause the account to be banned. I've been a broadcaster for around 2 years and build up following. When i contact CB...
  4. Badlad1993

    Account banned

    @punker barbie hope you are well could you please help me my account was banned mid streaming 22nd february as a user came in my room talking about fisting a girl of which I replied and then got a message from CB stating that it’s not aloud to talk About this topic so I instantly ignored this...
  5. Kimimi

    New account is banned but had an agreement with admin.

    Hello @punker barbie Have a nice day. My previous account was Pumpkin_sos. Then I broadcast but it is too silent and I have few followers. I created it in April 2022. It works fine. then I didn't broadcast for a while. But now I'm back to broadcasting myself. I want to create a new...
  6. mark_streem

    Account blocking

    @punker barbie Привет! являюсь моделью Chaturbate более 3 лет! 17 дней назад меня заблокировал сайт! Каждый день я отправлял смс им в поддержку с разных почт, автоматическое письмо приходит почти сразу, но так ни разу мне не написали! блокировали один раз аккаунт из-за того, что в камеру...
  7. S

    banned for no reasons and chaturbate support doesnt answer after so many emails. @punker barbie

    CB account name : sweetandre4 , banned out of nowhere for reasons that i'm not aware of, chaturbate support doesnt answer me after many emails, please help me @punker barbie . i didn't receive any ticket # number in the automatic email but my email is
  8. S

    Account bannd

    Hello @punker barbie can you help to retrieve my account my name account in chaturbate is ur_amazinglyhottsxxx . I don’t know why my account is fast bannd I don’t have any violence please I’m begging you @punker barbie 🙏🏻

    Chaturbate Account(s) Banned/Terminated

    Re: Ticket #20753296 @punker barbie, My account(s) has been terminated erroneously. After successfully working on Chaturbate without any issues for approximately 3 years as both a broadcasting model and a pre-approved separately registered studio account to which additional models were once...
  10. B

    account banned for no reason

    Hello @punker barbie. Just a little over a month ago. It happened to me that I was banned for no reason. I wrote to support and they didn't respond, then I was simply unbanned. Since then I have been on the lookout for anything that violates the chatur terms. since I never knew the reason for...
  11. N

    Failed 7 times verifying my account in CB

    @punker barbie please, please help me verify my account in CB. I have submitted both my valid passport and driver's license but it's evaluation always says that it is unsupported. i have no other idea how will it work out for me to get verified. thank you so much.
  12. I

    why @punker barbie not help me?

    Hello dear @punker barbie i been asked for you help several times, but you never responded to my requests. otherwise, you respond to anyone elses. can i know why i don't get any help?
  13. M

    Something happened to my account. Support is not replying. Please help

    Hello. My account is Melissa_redhead . The first thing i want to start with that i cant use the button * Promote you room* , cause there is no this button on my account anymore. I will attach the screenshot to proove my words. I have texted to support but i didnt get any reply. The second...
  14. E

    Account banned

    @punker barbie how are u. I have been a model for 9 years and on the 09/12/2022 I was broadcasting and suddenly it said account banned.. I have done nothing wrong to violate any rules.. @punker barbie please help me broadcast again as I have tokens in my account and didn't get to cashout... I'm...
  15. hornyhairy933

    I was banned 11 days ago,no answer

    Hello @punker barbie , may I please you for help?My account was banned on 12.11-before 11 days and there is no answer what is going on. My accounts is Hornyhairy933,but the problem is that another profile that im verified in -was banned too. Another user can't use his profile, because of my...
  16. O

    Account banned- would appreciate any help, thank you for your time

    Hello, first and foremost thank you for your time in reading this. Today i was banned because i was showing my dear friend who means a lot to me, the city in which i live. stupidly i was broadcasting my chaturbate stream while i was driving, not thinking of the terms of service and how i was...
  17. T

    Account banned / Chaturbate ignores our emails about reinstating our account

    Hi @punker barbie we need please your help as soon as possible. Chaturbate banned our account: tommy_and_jerry last Sunday. We were very surprised as we have been broadcasting for 3 years in the platform and our shows have been quite similar from the beginning. Saying that, they mentioned in...
  18. R

    Account banned

    Its been 2 weeks that i have posted a thread here and my account is still banned is there a any chance that my account will be back? Please admin im on my knees and i need your help please do help me to unbaned my account for i believed that i did not do any violations with my account and why my...
  19. J

    Newly created account Banned

    @punker barbie I hope you can help me. I just created my account 2-3 days ago and my account was banned after I submitted my ID for age verification. I tried to email the support but they are just sending me generic email and not giving me any reason why I get banned. I really want to work on...
  20. D

    Account permanent banned pls help me

    Hi dear @punker barbie , u can help me ? My account banned on chaturbate support has not responded for 2 weeks, my name is crazygirlwet, please help me get my account back, I did not violate the rules of the site