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@punker barbie

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  1. P

    Vietnam model

    Hello punker may i know if charturbate accept model from vietnam working on their site?I need some answer because i want to open model account for my staff she from vietnam @punker barbie
  2. H

    age verify denied reason need identification card.

    Dear @AmberCutie @punker barbie I came here to ask a help so verry stress and don't understand anymore. My account user name hot_pinay_nextdoor ID passport been expired and i been renew to have age verified again to back at work. and submitted my new passport caused its need but got reply...
  3. A

    permanent block without any explanation

    hola como estan quisiera saber si me pueden ayudar me bloquearon permanentemente de la pagina y no me dan ningun motivo por que me bloquearon el numero de tikect es 19591075 mi usuario es andriencandy @punker barbie
  4. G

    Flagged account and tokens deduction issue

    Hi @punker barbie Sorry for bothering you. I have problem with my account which is flagged due to a large amount of tokens to me by a user and was labeled as fraud the fact that I haven’t done actions the violate the terms and conditions of chaturbate. Also, my account flagged was involved to...
  5. A

    Account suspended

    Hi! My account has been suspended last May 22nd and I immediately emailed support and got their response last May 26th. They replied that my account has been suspended for the previously provided age verification documents since Passport ID is no longer accepted. They asked me to submit either...
  6. M

    suspended account

    @punker barbie hello my user name in chaturbate is Mlss_Sofl19xxx please help me my account got suspended i dont do anything wrong im not working for many days when i open my account it got suspended i have a lot token in my account i should used that to pay my bills and my medicine please help...
  7. M

    suspended account

    hi maam/sir im the owner of account Mlss_Sofl19xxx my account get suspended i dont do any violation please help me @punker barbie thank you!
  8. sweet_selena69

    Ban inquiry

    My account has been banned without reason, I know i havent done anything to break the rules please @punker barbie i really need your help i can't do an email cause it always say that i need to email associated with my Chaturbate account, to be honest i didn't change my address to Chaturbate...
  9. K

    Account was banned

    @punker barbie I’m Katherine2022 I’ve contacted support multiple times on this issue and well nothing it’s like they leave and never come back to help I was banned for sitting in my vehicle caming and I sent multiple pictures to show that I was not in a moving vehicle ugh I’m aggravated
  10. S

    Account banned after age verification

    hi @punker barbie can you help me with a problem? my username is stylish_girlx, I checked age I put the pictures with my passport countless times and at one point I was banned, I do not understand why? I'm new on the site and on the forum and I don't understand the reason for the bann...
  11. M

    Chaturbate account banned

    Hello Dear @punker barbie My account is banned since saturday. That happened twice times. But i really need to work on this week so hard. Please can you confirm my request to support again? I dont need the reason about why i am banned, becasue there is no reason again. I just need the main...
  12. M

    Account banned again, for no reason

    Hello Dear @punker barbie I been had the same problem again, with my account, it has been banned again for no reason. And i am very upset again :( I need your help to request my problem to support, as fast, as it possible, i really need to work. My account name: janewarren and Jane_Warren1...
  13. S

    Decline age verification

    Hi @punker barbie, I create a account chaturbate with username stylish_girlx, I put many times photos age verification and they no accept, can you help me
  14. C

    banned account

    Hi @punker barbie please help me my account has been banned. My support ticket # is 19524127.. thank you
  15. F

    Banned after age verification chaturbate

    Hey @punker barbie this also happened to me ive been on chaturbate for a few years now but never really cammed on it just watched cam models, but yea I decided to give camming a try so I submitted my age verification and once i did a few minutes later my account was banned and in the email i...
  16. E

    Account blocked @punker barbie help me please!!!

    Account blocked for no reason Hello, Please help me, a few days ago I opened my account and when it was time to do the age verification they blocked my account without any reason, I sent an email to chaturbate support but they still have not given me an answer. Case number: 19417829 chaturbate...
  17. M

    Banned for no reason

    Hi Dear @punkerbarbie! My accoutn has been just banned at the moment for no reason. Can you confirm my problem to reactivate my account again please? Thank you! account: jane_warren1
  18. Carly Bell

    Account banned : NEW DOCUMENTS/ NEW ACCOUNT

    Good Day @punker barbie , Greetings! I have new account in chaturbate and my username is Sexy_Carlly. I am a new aspirant model hoping to stream in chaturbate flatform. I already submitted my legal documents to verify my account. However, My account got banned as soon as I submit my documents...
  19. D

    Account banned bouncingboobsxxx, help @punkie barbie

    Hi @punker barbie , my account bouncingboobsxxx just was banned after age verificion, I am new in site , tiket number chaturbate #[Chaturbate] 19367975 - Re: Account banned bouncingboobsxxx, can you help me? Please nice
  20. G

    Account banned bouncetitsdeeax

    Hi @punker barbie, can you help me with a problem, my account bouncetitsdeeax just was banned, last week all seems ok in site but when I open account today was banned, can you help me reopen account