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  1. S

    Not receiving payment - brexit? Revolut?

    Hi @punker barbie I need help. Cb support won't respond. I updated my cb payout info in November after my housemate said she had payout info issues. and i emailed cb support straight away to check if its alright. They confirmed yes. I requested a payout in December and still havent been paid...
  2. A

    Does this email belong to Chaturbate?

    Hello Chaturbate Community Excuse me, I was checking my emails and I realized that when I asked to reset my Chaturbate password, this email sent me a link to reset Is this mail from Chaturbate?
  3. A

    I'm deleting my Chaturbate account but I have some doubts

    Hello Chaturbate community It's my first time entering a discussion forum I'll explain my situation I went into Chaturbate for money. My family got sick from covid I'm not from the United States, and I tried to get some money *I'M LEGAL, I'M OLD ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO WORK IN CHATURBATE. Don't...
  4. Sportgoddess69

    Banned Acct.

    Have A Nice Day, Please Help me to re Open my Acct.cause they Delete my acct. With no further reasons , i cant open my Old Yahoo acct.Cause it was Hucked, but i have my Following I.d to proved that i Am the Owner of Sportgoddess69, I already Emailed on Contact Support, but no body could bring...
  5. G

    hacked account locked

    hi @punker barbie sorry for bothering you my username is garethadams i suspected an unusual activity on my account and i locked it, cb sent me a security procedure and i replied with a photo am yet to get a response so my account is still inaccessible and they are still holding my money $2554...
  6. A

    Bann acocunt @punker barbie

    Hello, please can you help me, for two years I have been broadsting with the same account my username is anny_skinny in chaturbate and they banned my account is something very sad because they did not give me reasons why, I hope my account is unbanned soon
  7. P

    Pamelaandjustin banned

    My accou t got banned,support don t answer me.punker I heard u can be only one to help me,please i need to take back my account,is my only income that s why i think is not fair if i didn t do nothing wrong to get banned.please help,username is pamelaandjustin.THANKS
  8. B

    Chaturbate account banned; seeking assistance.

    @punker barbie (Shirley). Issue: Account banned; I have emailed support but have not yet received any reply in multiple days. Please be aware that I have been previously age-verified with my passport and I am the only one appearing on cam. I request that my account be reactivated. Thank you...
  9. V

    Age Verification

    good afternoon, and I tried to upload my documents to my account but still do not approve of my age My account is // violetaandtomashot.
  10. T

    Account banned and no answer from support , help please

    @punker barbie hello , my nick on cb is "trioa" on the last week we log in to our account and see that its banned for some mistake, as administration said that there was somebody underage. But all of us are more than 18 years old, and i also wrote that to support. One mistake that was with...
  11. C

    I got banned and I don’t know what i did

    hi @punker barbie , I don’t know if my post earlier got posted, cuz i cant find the thread but, i just wanna ask for help, i got banned and i dont know what’s the reason, I don’t cam ( i tried but it didn’t work for me), i only buy tokens to give to models and still have some till now. I made my...
  12. K

    Can't Broadcast and Don't Know What's Going on

    Two days ago I had an issue where when I log on, about two minutes afterward I get kicked off and I receive a message saying that I need age verification. But I'm already verified. Support said they fixed the problem but when I tried to broadcast again today I once again got kicked off. I am...
  13. C

    Account banned and feel it's unfair

    My account is banned on September 2019 with the reason that i've been chatting about minors. I don't recall any such incident. if there's any it will be like the viewer is texting me about minor and i am ignoring the conversation or asking him/ her not to. Please assist @punker barbie. I want to...
  14. mally_cooperr

    I cant request my tokens or send to another user, help please.

    @punker barbie Issue: I was trying to request a daily payment and didnt work, also tried to send tokens to another user, model, and dont work, i am able to broadcast but i cant do anything with the tokens i have, it says i have to contact support and when i try to convert to cash it says i...
  15. babykalina

    Banned After Carnival Outfit

    Hi @punker barbie and hi to everyone! I work in CB since August 2019 and everything is been pretty good. Now it's Carnival time and i was doing a carnival party with an outfit, basically i was "cosplaying" like a naughty nun without any acessories related to religion or offensive to the terms...
  16. I


    Hi, my account was banned for allegations of Bestiality. This is absolutely false and a wrongful ban. I would like assistance of getting this resolved quickly please. Absolutely mortified this is even happening!! Please help!!
  17. L

    Banned account

    mi nick is luci_happy in CB and maria_jose_lo please help me @punker barbie remove the banning status I promise not to violate any rules but please I need to work to help my family help me shirley please
  18. Sexylilyx

    Banned for 3rd time

    Hello @punker barbie I would like to seek help again Username: Sexylilyx My account is banned for the 3rd time. I dont know what happen, but when i woke up and check my email from cB say that my ID verification denied. So when i open my account, it says Banned. As far as I know i never do...
  19. Sexylilyx

    My account banned

    Hi, I'm new as a cam model, no experienced. I created cb 1 or 2 weeks ago i think (I'm not sure the exact), as soon it approved I started to broadcast just a couple of hours like 1-2 hours a day. I was shocked they banned my account for "underage". This is my primary income and I loved this new...
  20. JuicyKey

    Showed photo on Chaturate and got banned

    Hello @punker barbie (Username:juicykey) i had got banned from Chaturbate a few hours ago i showed a photo to my fans from my phone i have read thru the terms and policies and it will not hapen again this is my only source of income. Ive been camming on Chaturbate for 1 year now. Please help...