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Account terminated

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Feb 8, 2024
Hello good evening @punker barbie may I ask some help regarding to my account on chaturbate _akira_xx it says that's why i got banned I'm assisted others providing us with false identification or identification which is not belong to them im not assisted others im not doing wrong I follow all the rules on chaturbate lm working under pleasure and I obey all the rules there. I'm looking forward you are going to help me to resolve this problem @punker barbie i have money or tokens in my banned account I really that and I really need to work on chaturbate to support my needs and especially support my family im the breadwinner in my family,. I'm looking forward you are going to help me to resolve this problem @punker barbie i really appreciated so much. Thank you so much


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Ah, I hadn't seen that you're posting multiple threads about the same issue. So anyways, anything having to do with falsified identification whether it's true or false, you're most likely not going to ever be able to work on CB again. It won't matter how much "proof" you provide to them. Best to start searching for another camming platform.
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