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Advice for new models

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Thank you all for responding! I am definitley way overfocusing on minute details since I'm getting so close to my starting day. Definitley not gonna worry about it too much!
It's really easy to get caught up in the details. I like to do that when I am nervous about new things because it's a "productive" way to procrastinate haha. Best of luck! There is so much you won't be able to figure out until you go live, and it sounds like you are doing lots of research to set yourself up for success. I think you'll be good to go. Try to have more fun than anything else. As entertainers, we should also find our work entertaining, I think. And if it doesn't serve you, then leave it behind.
Jul 11, 2019
my suggestion/advice for all models is that we need to collectively work together to fight against piracy. Please see hashtag #cammodelsforchange on twitter for more info...
Mar 18, 2019
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Banning people who don't chat in your room...don't do that.

Some models will tell you it's rude for a member to not be chatting if they're in their room. If that person wants to be quiet he should perv from the lounge, or some other reason. They're entitled to their wrong opinion of course.

Life is more complicated than that. That person may be shy or just not feel like talking that day after having something go in his/her life. One day they could get over that shyness. Maybe they see some conversation they feel they can finally pipe up about because it pertains to something they know about. Whatever, you will NEVER know what it takes to suddenly make that shy person who has never talked or tipped in your room come around and become a tipping member.

And honestly if they are sitting there quietly are they really harming you in any way? If nothing else it raises your room count so you appear higher on the homepage for people who sort that way. Many do.

And just one more entirely plausible scenario. Let's say a person normally does tip, and normally does talk in your room. But as is so often the case in life, that person just has moody days where they don't feel like talking, or being bothered with feeling compelled to tip to help the count like they do all the time. Or perhaps that person just wants human background noise while they're doing their homework for a summer college class they're taking. So what do they do? They create another account that they don't tell anyone else about. That way the model doesn't know it's them, they don't appear on every other member's friends lists and don't get inundated with PM's all night long when they are trying to do other life stuff.

If you get annoyed at that quiet person sitting there not doing any harm to you in the least and ban him for not talking in your room, well, you've just annoyed the same person who actually does tip you quite often on one of his other 8 accounts. Smooth move.

Just a random plausible scenario that I totally made up there and is in no way related to me in real life in any way shape or form.

Thank you for sharing this scenario! I've been camming about 7 months and lately I've been really struggling to make my countdowns and as a result, I have been starting to get annoyed / hyper-focusing on the premiums who have just been sitting in my room without talking or tipping for moooonths. I keep thinking to myself, they must enjoy my room if they have spent so many hours here, and they see i've been struggling for weeks... so why t f aren't they tipping now or even just saying hello?! Reading your post gave me another perspective and I will try harder to just not focus on them rather than potentially lash out or ban them.


Nov 22, 2019
Hey everyone, I didn't really know where to post this so I'm asking here.

I just saw a user tell a model that he received a warning the broadcaster might not flash after being tipped. Is this true? Does Chaturbate warn users about potentially difficult rooms or is this just some line he's running to get a free flash?
Jun 17, 2019
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Hey everyone, I didn't really know where to post this so I'm asking here.

I just saw a user tell a model that he received a warning the broadcaster might not flash after being tipped. Is this true? Does Chaturbate warn users about potentially difficult rooms or is this just some line he's running to get a free flash?
Maybe they are talking about the warning you get before tipping people who have been heavily downvoted.


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Mar 17, 2018
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Is it wise to do your birthday in the actual month it is? It's coming up and I want to start planning.
I know I'm quite late on this, but I personally think my real birthday month would be too close for comfort to disclosing my real info.
Another thing to consider is: will you have the energy for both? It's not uncommon to see "Birthday month" on topics or getting early/belated birthday tips, and if you do the same and have it in the same month, they'll overlap when you're (likely) offline around your real birthday, and you may miss out on someone wishing to spoil you.

All in all, I hope it's working out for you. You have to do what you're most comfortable with 😊


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Dec 19, 2019
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How many hours a day / hours per week do you all typically cam? Want a realistic number.
I am on SM, and I try to cam only 1-2 hours most days. I have a hip injury from giving birth, and bad asthma, so more than that is too much for my body. I do a lot of really energetic shows which leave me literally dripping with sweat afterward too (sorry gross). I am in the process of building up for more though, if I can. I also never stay on more than 15 mins at a time without a paid show or substantial tips. However the set up of SM is pretty different from the other sites, and I don't do goal shows.
This is helpful. I appreciate hearing how different people are approaching camming and making it work for them. Thanks! Keep it coming!
Jan 2, 2020
Thank you all for taking the time to answer questions, write advice and just generally be helpful and amazing. I started on CB and didn't seem to be doing great. Switched to MFC and was making $200-$400/night, which was amazing (I was in the top 1000 my first week!) I got sick and took a few days off and my camscore went in the toilet lol! Of course, I knew that would happen. But I'm wondering what tactics you all have used to work harder and get more of a following. I hear that a lot, and I would love to work harder at this! I just wonder what I can do besides being consistent, doing fun shows and bringing my A-game. I don't feel 100% comfortable being on Instagram or Twitter since you can't geo-block, but I'd love to get my name out there. Again, thank you all so much for being amazing! This thread was a wonderful read.


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Jan 8, 2020
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Oh god I just found this thread and the MFC rule section was so helpful!! I want to hug you, thank you so much 🥰


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Mar 17, 2020
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I am seeing more and more often lately that ladies who do not have verified model status are coming to ACF looking for help. While there are guides and resources in the model's section totalling hundreds of thousands of words, this isn't very useful for someone who has to wait a few days to see them. In an industry where many newcomers are hoping to make cash in just a day or two, this is hardly helpful. So I thought I would put together a new guide in the public section with some handy info!

There are a lot of links in this post to model's only posts for further reference, but hopefully it will still be helpful to people without MO status.

If any of you ladies ever get verified model status, there is a lot of new info to comb through.

As this is a public forum, I am going to predict that in the comments, there will be a lot of people who disagree with a lot of what I share. From the rules that are enforced to how hard a model has to work to make good money, people are going to disagree and cite proof to the contrary (whether or not they have cammed a day in their lives :p). However, it would be silly to try and write a guide to the exceptions of commonality. I believe that this guide is accurate for the majority of new models.

For new MFC models:

If you are planning on camming on MFC, you NEED to understand how the camscore system works. I do not believe MFC is a good site for beginner models, which I argue in this post. If you are interested in camming as a career and want to take a more serious approach, I would highly recommend you get experience on a website like Chaturbate before you make the switch to MFC.

MyFreeCams FAQ:

What is the camscore and why is it important?
Camscore is the default ranking system for all models on MFC. In the webcam sex industry, default ranking is extremely important. It does not guarantee minimum earnings, but it is a great predictor of how much traffic a model will get - which she can then translate in to earnings (read the model's only stickied post on "being realistic about what a high camscore will get you"). Basically, camscore is how many you tokens you earn per hour, over a sixty day average. The more tokens you earn per hour, the higher your camscore will be. What other models on the website make influences how many tokens per hour you need to maintain a camscore of 1000. Nothing else contributes to your camscore. Ratings/admires do not count. Friends list adds do not count. Small tips do not lower your camscore. Offline tips do not help your camscore "more" except by improving your token/hour ratio.

How long does New Model status last and why is it important?
New Model status (NMS) is a short period of time where new models on MFC are listed with a bright yellow tag on their avatars. Typically, new models receive a great deal more traffic than they normally would. It is commonly considered that NMS is critical to make or break your camming career, and if you waste that time, you will have a more difficult experience on MFC. Many models are surprised and upset when their NMS wears off and suddenly, instead of 100 people in their room they are seeing 5.

New Model status on MFC used to last for ten broadcasting hours. Now, members choose how long they see models as being new (3, 7, 14, 30, 60, and 90 days). At the time of this post, members being able to rank new models as they choose is a new feature and it is yet unseen if this will make new model status less important or not.

Which rules are okay to break?
MFC very infamously does not enforce the majority of its rules. This can lead to confusion about which rules are "okay" to break and which are not.

In general, these rules are fairly strictly enforced and breaking them will most likely result in getting a warning or your account being banned:
♥ Men on camera for any reason.
♥ Sexual relations with men, even off-camera (in the same room while camming).
♥ Minors, children, babies; may not be on camera or in the same room.
♥ Bestiality, or animals/pets on camera in a sexual or provocative context.
♥ Illegal drugs, or drugs that may be perceived as illegal in other locations. (Pot does not seem to be a bannable offense)
♥ Rape (most host websites like MFC, C4S, and others, will not allow simulation of rape to be displayed)
♥ Incest (sexual relations involving family members). [This includes incest role-play and fetish grey areas such as Daddy dynamics]
♥ Violence, blood, torture, pain, erotic asphyxiation, or any actions associated with bringing harm to yourself in any way (many models engage in, and totally get away with, mild to moderate sadomasochism, without blood play)

The following rules are sometimes enforced and sometimes not enforced, but you should probably play it on the safe side:
♥ Menstrual bleeding.
♥ Breastfeeding or lactation.
♥ Unauthorized persons (persons for whom we do not have proper name and ID on file.) - I have had female friends on cam with me for hours with no issue; other models have had their accounts suspended almost immediately for someone briefly coming on screen.
♥ Sleeping, "passing out". (I can't remember the last time I heard of someone getting in trouble for this)
Hypnosis (lol wut?)
♥ Discussing or arranging prostitution or escort services. (you can probably get away with it)
♥ Urination, defecation, "going to the bathroom", enema play, vomiting. (on the riskier side)
♥ Penetration of the vagina or anus with items not meant for sexual stimulation (e.g. bottles, baseball bats).
♥ Fisting.

The following rules are almost never enforced or are literally never enforced:
♥ Excessive consumption of alcohol or other legal or prescribed medicines or narcotics.
♥ Illegal or unsafe activity of any kind.
♥ Actions that may be deemed obscene in your community.
♥ Masturbation, penetration, using sexual toys or devices, cunnilingus, or other hardcore sexually explicit activity (in public chat).

A grey area:
♥ Public shows (shows where you are in a public location such as a library). Even though they involve illegal activity and often have strangers, including men, on cam, they do not seem to be in the red zone.

MFC requires a lot of personal legal info to sign up. Can I trust them?
In short, yes, you can. Hundreds of thousands of models have signed up with MFC and I have never even heard a rumor of MFC leaking or spreading the info of models. It may make you uncomfortable, but remember that if MFC was not a legit site, they would not require so much information to verify you :)

How much are tokens worth?
Every token is worth $0.05 USD. If you earn 20 tokens, you earn $1 USD. If you earn 2000 tokens, you earn $100 USD.

Members pay at least $0.0675 per token, and usually as much as $0.08 cents.

How much money can I expect to earn on MFC?
This entirely depends on you. Some models make very good money from the get-go ($100+ a day), while many others never seem to do well. It has been estimated that the highest earners on MFC make at least five digits (USD, not tokens) a month. There is more discussion about actual number amounts on this thread.

I have estimated, and never heard an argument to the contrary, that the majority of webcam models earn around $10 or less per hour. On MFC, the vast majority of models make less than $20 per hour. For many women, this is not enough to offset the inherent dangers of the job.

♥ If you get paid by check: It can take up for 3 weeks for your check to arrive in the mail. This is, IMO, the worst payment option to select.
♥ If you get paid by direct deposit: It takes 2-4 days (usually 3) for most models to receive direct deposit payment. Remember that if the 1st or the 16th of the month lands on a weekend or holiday, your bank will take extra time to process the payment. Therefore, sometimes it can take up to 5-6 days for your entire payment to process.

Making money: why should anyone give you money?

This may sound a little mean, but don't take it personally.

Why should anyone give you money?

Women are not deserving of money just because they have tits and a vagina.

You are not going to be the hottest woman on whatever site you join. You are not going to be the most interesting or have the best body. You are not going to fill a niche market that nobody has thought of before. There are going to be twenty models online at any given time who are better looking than you and who will give it away more cheaply than you.

If you think you are going to join a camsite and succeed just because you were the prettiest girl in high school, I'll see you when you quit three months from now.

Models who are the most successful and make the most money are the ones that work the hardest. They work hard to make it look like what they are doing on cam is effortless. On MFC, they are the ones who have 14 hour work days and never take days off or have vacations. (Although I know of more than one model who works so many hours a day, it is interesting that many members do not believe this is true)

If your plan is to join a camsite and earn $50 or so a day; yes. You can do that with not a whole lot of effort, and probably not a lot of hours! But if you are hoping to make hundreds a day, then get ready for long months of tears and sweat. The simple fact is that the only thing which will differentiate you from the crowd is how hard you are willing to work. I have only heard of one model, ever, who made very good money without putting hard work in - and this was a second hand story :) Here is another way to look at it: I have been part of ACF for about 18 months at the time of this post. I have spent many hours of my life reading the stories and daily thoughts of other models. I have never ever in that time ever heard any model ever say, "it is so great that I make so much money with so little effort!". Ever. Yes, models who work hard do often enjoy periods of ease where their online shifts seem to flow easily and they don't have to "hustle" as hard, but that is always broken up by periods of hard work and difficulty. It may not be the hardest job in the world (I certainly do not believe it is), but you still have to work hard at it.

If you don't want to work hard, you can still make money. But you won't be making amazing money or even especially good money.

Advice to new career cam models:

I started another thread in the model's only section and got a lot of responses for the top advice veteran models would give to newbies. Before I put in their responses, here is my best advice:

Think about how you want to cam when you are successful. What do you want to be doing?
Do that starting on your first day on cam.

If you envision yourself as being the perfect non-nude model, then don't start off doing public cumshows because you don't know how else to increase your room counts. Likewise, if you envision yourself being a posh and exclusive model, don't sell your shows and content for ultracheap. If you want to be an easy-going low-key model, don't build up a posh and exclusive room and then expect everyone to be okay with it when you suddenly change your style.

Start camming with your eyes on your endgame. It's the best way to avoid big mistakes and to not get in the way of yourself.

Now, other the advice of other ladies!

Three common MFC scams

♥ "I'm an MFC admin and I need to speak to you on Skype." He's lying; report him.
♥ "I'm very experienced at watching other models be successful, and if you Skype with me I'll share their secrets with you." The best he will do is share common info with you that anybody could figure out. There are no "secrets" to being successful at camming.
♥ Fake tips: On MFC, when someone actually tips tokens, a ringing sound plays and the color behind the member's name changes to be yellow. It is common to scam new models by typing "has tipped 100 tokens!" or by posting an image which appears to be a legitimate tip.

How can I be successful on MFC?

♥ Price yourself according to what you are worth. This may sound mean, but be realistic about it - few models are worth 2000 tokens for a shot of vodka, and few models are worth $100 to take their shirt off (with a bra underneath, of course!). Don't worry with your prices being cheap if you are making an overall amount of money that satisfies you.

♥ Get on cam at the same time every day for 3 hours. Do not take days off. Do not get on late. If you get on early, stay till the end of your shift. Granted, very few models actually do this... and very few models are at the level of success they really want.

♥ Don't freak out. Any camscore above 1000 is great. When I started on MFC, I was happy as long as my camscore stayed above 1k, and I was able to put in more hours and make more money overall because of it. Don't stress out over a bad shift or two.

♥ Make and sell videos. Get online with a goal; get online to work. Keep in mind what members want to see - just because something is fun for you does not mean it is fun for the men who pay your bills. When you get online, you should be ready to work and geared up with things to sell for members who are interested. Getting online just to hang out because it's fun (and it totally is fun!) is not going to help your career any. Hang out in a member's room, work in your model's room.

♥ Smile and be happy. It is amazing how long you sometimes have to look on MFC to find a chick who looks like she wants to be there. Be the woman that looks like she wants to have a good time.

Alternatively, read this thread to learn success skills for MFC!

(Readers et all: I unfortunately did not have as much time to work on this guide as I would have liked. I hope future readers will add their two cents and extra help in the comments!)
Thank you so so much for this information, this is wonderful :)
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Apr 2, 2020
The dark side of the moon
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wow such amazing people on this site, so much great information to digest....

Im really nervous about my real identity getting out and my dad finding out im doing this :blackeye:

how comfortable are you guys with giving cb your real passport with your real date of birth, passport number etc?
Mar 27, 2020
Hi I'm new here and have some tips from a Member's perspective. Please don't see me as someone who think he knows it all. Just some of my observations while using MFC on a daily basis. Use them or don't. :)

Out of interest, I sometimes scroll down to the bottom of MFC and most of the time it's very obvious why they are there. Looking bored at the screen, playing with phone, camera pointed at boobs (hey I like boobs, but face is quite important). Then when I enter, either I'm being ignored or I'm bombarded with requests to tip (often through pm's). Both are equally annoying.

Also, often no tipmenu, whiteboard not even a roomtopic. Should I just tip and see how she reacts? Give me some info what you're willing to do. Some guys are just shy and prefer to use whiteboard/tip menu instead of asking.
Make lots of smaller tip options, so those with less tokens can participate too. Can be a simple "you're cute", a single spank, a 'blow kiss', etc.

Make a nice, interesting profile picture/avatar. People DO scroll down and if it looks good, it may bring in some people. Don't be afraid to sometimes replace it. Those that like you, already bookmarked/follow you.

Give attention to everybody that comes in, but with multiple people in the room, don't focus too much on one person. Else the others will feel neglected.

Even if you're bored out of your mind, keep smiling, do something like dance or tease. Even if you have zero people in your room, you may stil be watched from the Lounge or preview (that little camera on your avatar).

People like to be recognized and acknowledged. If someone tips you, say his name, like "Thank you Joe!"
If you get a more regular tipper, welcome him into your room, like "hi Joe, nice to see you again". You could even write down some stuff about them, like if he said he needs to go to the dentist, next time, you could ask how it went.
You make two strikes here; You have something to talk about and he's happy that a beautiful woman actually remembers him.

The Lounge doesn't have a very good reputation, but it is visited by a lot of people. Often it is the most visited room. It wouldn't hurt if you post yourself (using a premium member account) when you're about to do something interesting.

NEVER ask people to tip! It really makes people feel uncomfortable. But you can always point them to the tipmenu/whiteboard, or say something like 'anyone wants to see my boobs? or "I have this new toy and I really like to use it today guys! Sometimes we just don't know what to tip and this surely helps.

If you sign off or go for a private, mention it in your room. Just leaving without saying goodbye is concidered rude and unpersonal.
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