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Asked for a copy of the ID I sent

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Dec 10, 2020
Hello Chaturbate community
I'm sorry if I've done a lot of posts today, but now that I've been deleting my account I want to see if you can solve a few questions faster than Chaturbate Support can do

I'll explain.
I'm closing an account I had on Chaturbate
That I could never verify, but I tried to do it. I sent my ID but I wasn't accepted.

Now that I'm deleting this, I asked this email, that if it would be possible to request a copy of the documents I sent.

After a while I was answered with the following text:

Before we can proceed, we need to first verify your identity. Please send us a photo of you holding the ID you used for age verification *UPSIDE DOWN*, and a piece of paper with:

1.) your username
2.) today's date
3.) the word ***

After two days they answered me by sending me a link that allowed me to request to export my data, But my account was already deactivated.
That's all they could do for me (I thank them) because as I told you earlier, my account is already deactivated

From what happened, I had some doubts
These are my doubts
1. Does Chatubate ask you to do these procedures?
2. Why did they ask me to send the picture with my ID upside down?
3. Is there any risk that this photo could fall into the wrong hand even though my ID is upside down? Because they asked me to send this to them by email.

I appreciate it if you could help me.
In advance, thank you very much


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Aug 23, 2018
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This is pretty standard procedure for CB support to verify that it is you that they’re interacting with! I’ve done this with them, and other sites do similar procedures as well sometimes.
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