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Sep 28, 2023
Good afternoon @punker barbie, I'm opening a thread since I previously had an account in the studio and almost a month ago I opened an account as an independent since now I'm not linked to the studio but when I created it they immediately banned me (I guess the studio hadn't closed my previous account I don't know) the response was that they thought my identity was being falsified and they banned me permanently but that's not the case I already sent an email with this information attached my documents but I only have an automatic response nothing additional I have Contacted CB support but the user continued to be banned: Linda_Tease. I appreciate if you can help me, I just want to work at CB again.
@punker barbie Good afternoon, I understand that you are getting a response (thank you for reading me and your help), although I have just checked my email everywhere, sadly I have no additional response to confirm that I was first banned and sent emails. Attaching my documents so you can see that it was an error but there are emails with my documents attached, there is no response from the advisor to those emails, the last one I sent on 09/24/2023 with photos attached from my personal email, the user Linda_Tease Please, if possible, I would like your help. I have been trying for a solution for a long time and I am very distressed. Thank you for your attention and help, I look forward to your comments. :(
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