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Aug 8, 2022
Hi ! My CB account Byadley has been banned after a year. All new accounts I tried to create have been ban immediately too.

I worked from a studio and during my stream on 7th of April i just had my account ban. Support answer me after a week and said I have a permanent ban for “false identification information” and they donated all my money I earn that day to charity. But I have the same passport on which I made my account and worked for a year on the site. It’s real and I can give any proofs.

So I lost my job and income for no reason.

I suffer a lot because I lost everything in one day and I have no means to live. This is very unfair. This is not my fault. Support sends standard answers without understanding the situation and doesn't even want to consider my request. Shirley is also silent on all emails.

I really want to continue working with you.

Please help to figure out this situation.

I want get back my life to normal. Please help me.
Support confirms that you were previously provided a detailed response in ticket no. 19427106. We are unable to assist further. No, support gave me just formal robot answer with
No, support just gave me formal robot answer and don’t explain where I gave them false id info. It’s not okay because they left me without my income for no reason.
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