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Nov 21, 2021
Chaturbate Username
@punker barbie I'm begging you to help me with this situation. I was working on studio for 1 months and they made two accounts on CB. I decided to work in my own and left studio. they promised that they will delete my accounts, but they didn't! I hurried to start working on my own, so I didn't even check if my accounts were deleted or not. in the end, I worked one day and was banned. the only reason they could have banned me was the number of accounts on my name. I did not violate the rules of the site. a few days later, support wrote that I had a permanent ban and no one would reply to my messages! I'm desperate! I really love this site and want to continue working. is it possible for me to continue working for chaturbate?
my nickname was: marchfox
previous (studio's) accounts: mona_lizzy and ollis_morgan

thank you for your help! I appreciate it! @punker barbie


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  • Sorry to hear that.
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Nov 29, 2021
Hi, @punker barbie i am Dina been working with CB through an studio and would like to help get approved on my own account.

The studio created an account with my IDs for me but even though we dont have any contract between us they will not let me keep my account thats why i am trying to get another account of my own.

my username is same as here, therarekindofpleasure (this is for the personal account i am trying to get approved.)

Username under the studio account is ararekindofpleasure (I am trying to get the studio to give this account to me and unlink it from their master account but they refuse, even though it was created with my ID and i should own it)

I submitted the national ID card of my country, and support seems to send automated messages asking for passport. I can confirm many other models from my country use the ID card and are all approved.

I am not able to get a passport or lisence due to covid and a long wait list in my country to get it.

I really need help resolving this, this is the only way i can support all my family and myself, as no other job will help me make the money as in chaturbate.
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