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Chaturbate High Spender Experience

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Sep 28, 2023
What is deep purple? Well I don't know if thats the official lingo but thats what I call it. Deep purple is the color of your user name on chaturbate when you give 1 thousand plus tokens in the past two weeks. I thought I'd share my experience, as well as prompt others to do the same. I decided to do so after curiosity overtook me and I youtube a few, how to videos on becoming a cammer, just to see what the girls deal with on their end. Over time I thought it could be an interesting thing to share what its like on this end. I been a frequenter of the site for over a year, with the occasional purchase every now and than, only in the past month have I really been a spender. This has rapidly changed the experience for me, now every time I log on I have a handful of messages from various cam girls all trying to get my attention, even though I usually only go to the same handful of girls that know how I like it. It's been difficult trying to expand my roster of girls as each time I find a pretty little thing within my price range, I have to spend a few paid sessions to see if its a match. Ironically enough I find the more economic girls worthy of the tokens, probably because they don't get as much love.

At first I went to the expensive girls that I been ogling for a while, it was quite pleasing at first but as I became, "a regular." It seemed I fell into their own flock of users. I couldn't blame them, there are plenty of horney users demanding their attention. I decided if money wasnt enough to keep some attention I'd go to where there were few other guys. I went to the 50th page on the chaturbate brows menu and searched the girls with 10 viewers or less. There were plenty of bored performers, bad cameras, and terrible looking gals. Nonetheless, I came across some beauties who were more than eager to take my many tokens. To my surprise they even performed better than the expensive girls, they were also willing to do way, way more. So as I set out to find some economic and lonely company I ended up spending way more money on these girls than originally intended, and I kept coming back.

After multiple weeks of returning to the same girl, she knew exactly what I liked and it was great, for a while. In my mind the beauty of chaturbate is its made for those who want the honest exchange of money for passion in the form of a live custom porn session; between two or more consenting adults. I give my hard earned money, and in exchange I get a well performed show, if I don't cough up the cash I expect nothing from her. Little did I know this would get tested. As my favorite girl performed for me I had but a meager 10 tokens left and decided to call it a day. I had my fill and she took over 99 percent of my play funds. So I closed the window and went about my business until payday. Nearly a week later I returned to the site for some more playtime with my favorite girl. She was on, but this time it was quite unpleasant.

It's no secret that a cam girl is putting on a show, it's a fantasy performed for the sake of lust and tokens. But when I rejoined that girls stream and dropped my usual amount of tokens to start the session, I got nothing in return. I opened my private messages and saw she PM'd me those 7 days ago. It was a simple message of, "did I do something wrong?" I felt a bit of guilt, but my notion of fair trade persisted. I sent her some more tips, well above 1 token. I got nothing in return, not a show, not a performance, not even a low moan of pleasure. All my tokens were taken and added to the pile without the fantasy being slightly fulfilled. Apparently the notion of fair trade was not one that we both subscribed to. Feeling as I betrayed her, and I feeling bewildered, that was the last time I visited her chat.

I was ready to look for more beauties, and even revisit a few that had caught my eye. That was when I noticed I actually had followers, roughly 20. I went and checked, it was all girls who I either browsed through their streams, or exchanged some lust for tokens with, than I noticed my private message box was full. There were girls out there just looking to get some tokens, this was a good thing, because I was just looking for some lust. Now I have my handful of lovelies who understand what I am looking for, hell; im waiting for one to get online so I can shower her with tokens right now. She understands too, this is an exchange, that's all this is. Even if I don't always like being looked at like a fat sack of money, it's why i'm on the site in the first place.
Thanks for journaling "Cam Tipping 101". I'm sure some newb would appreciate it. But, they're not YOUR girls and it's not a roster and I assure you as soon as your money dries up, they'll stop paying attention to you.
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