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Couples that sometime cam solo

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Apr 23, 2022
Hey y’all! My husband and I cam together at night when our kids are in bed. It’s really the only time we can unfortunately cam and it really sucks we can’t ever cam together other times of the day! Anyone in here that cams as a couple cam solo sometimes? I mentioned to my husband about camming alone during the day, sometimes while he takes the kids to play ect. And if so, so you find it successful? Or do they just want the partner in crime with you?
I'm a solo streamer but I just want to say that solo women can still do well on cam, at least relative to solo men. A couple I follow (peppermintpanddustyk on CB) are a married couple, and sometimes the wife streams solo and while I don't know her earnings, she seems to do good whenever I check in :)

Ultimately there's only one way to find out: do it! I also strongly encourage you to make vids, solo or together. That way you can make some passive income throughout the day alongside your camshows.

Good luck!
Speaking from experience, and I'm in a different situation as a male cammer..and I dont have kids..I have cammed with an ex-gf and we also did solo's....but the vast majority of my fanbase was built solo (of course mostly gay/bi viewers when You're male solo.) I say mix it up, get on cam whenever is best for you....gaining followers is the name of the game.. Right now I have one main female I cam with, (couple others that are sporadic) and also a guy sometimes. Camming is unpredictable, sometimes I make $$ with one of them, and sometimes I make more solo lol.

But in my opinion, Going on solo will only help... u will gain followers and some of those will be tippers again when you are on cam with hubby ;)
I used to cam with hubby and then moved on to solo.

I found I am more successful and make more money easier performing solo than what we did together. Occasionally we would make more, but if you divide those earnings by two people it never comes up to the same as my solo earnings.

I still sell couple videos and am very open about being married, it puts some people off but hey ho, not here to please everyone.
I just realized that I never updated. I did my first solo last Saturday and it was insanely successful! I gained a lot more followers and one guy popped in and sent 2000 tokens. I made double what hubby and I make in just an hour and a half. My only regret is that I got so excited that I did so well that I ended my stream after that hour and a half 😂. One of my big followers that tips really well but our schedules never align came in like a boss. I’m camming again solo tomorrow. Thanks for the input everyone! I was so nervous but ended up loving it!
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