Different Rules for Studio Models vs Independent?

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Nov 12, 2017
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This is a genuine question. I specifically mean it for Chaturbate but it can be asked/applied to any/all cam sites so I am not asking it specifically in the CB section on here.

Do studio model's have different rules set by the cam sites, compared to independent models doing it from home (ignore the rules set by the model's agency/admins)? Do the studio models have much stricter ones, for instance? Does anyone know and have any kind of insight?

It feels to me like a lot of the independent models get away with far more compared to studio models; as soon as a studio model does something they instantly get warned where as a popular model who is on the main page, has nothing done to her even though she is most likely doing the same thing but worse.
Mar 5, 2018
As far as I know, rule breakers have to be reported to the site or they won't be aware and nothing will happen to the models, so it may just be that the demographic that gravitates towards studio models is more likely to report models for one reason or another than the people who prefer independent models.

If I had to guess.. It could be that since studio models are generally cheaper, they may attract cheaper customers who are more manipulative (since they are more likely to have to bargain) and end up reporting models out of revenge if things don't go their way.


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Oct 31, 2016
I was told by my former studio that the normal site rules of mfc and cb do not apply for us and that we can do what we want (lie to users about private shows for example). Everything that gets tokens was supposed to be allowed for us. And yes, I believed it too.
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