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Getting more traffic to my room?

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Mar 4, 2021
Outside of using the 'promote' feature, is there a way of getting more traffic? (Male performer)

Honestly I dont want to sound like im having a pity party, but I am so depressed about it. I should really stop looking at other performers who are doing much better despite not really doing anything differently, because its making me very envious and bitter!

I started using CB around 2015 I think it was, I knew nothing about the 'new' status (if it existed back then) and cammed like once or twice in my first week, however I managed to build up a decent following, and would only cam a couple of times a week and do well out of it, I stopped using the site due to a new career and very nearly deleted my profile all together, however after a couple of years of not broadcasting at all, I came back to it due to the pandemic and needing the cash! But its been very on and off, I get nowhere near the amount of viewers I used to, I am up to 14,000 followers, but I dont know where they are because they certainly dont visit my room! Am struggling with about 30 viewers everytime I broadcast, the promotion feature does help abit, but its mostly non paying viewers that end up in the room and staying. 5 minutes on the homepage simply is not enough and dont think its worth the tokens!

Am noticing more and more alot of the blue/purple viewers are female performers who are online and sometimes say stuff in my room which is almost luring me to look at their cam and probably expecting me to use my tokens to tip them, I am not interested in that shit! (this never used to happen back in the day)

I would say I am hitting the goal about 50% of the time I broadcast at the moment. It could be worse, but I dont feel like I am being productive sometimes wasting hours on there with very little reward. I interact with all viewers and have some fun regulars who keep the chat going. I am never clothed, prefer to get straight into it.

When I am found by new viewers to my room I have so many comments like 'welcome to CB' even though I signed up years ago! Or 'wow so glad I found you it was purely by accident' (which is great to hear but not sure what they mean by accident), I got an email the other day from a member saying I was a 'hidden treasure' on the site. All this even starts to make me paranoid that some performers are getting boosted up the site and some just get left on back ends for no apparent reason - is that even possible?!

Should mention the hashtags have helped a little bit. But outside of that what else can be done? Or is it time to accept it for what it is or give up?
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