Help with the cash app setup!

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Jan 27, 2018
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Hello, I don't want to sound stupid but I'm completely lost with the cash app setup and I need your help!
I know it's not the best way to earn from a SW and I'm not planning to use it on the regular base.

I have a few following questions:
1. Does the cash app showing your personal info to the person who sending you money? (the name - first line on the screen)
2. Is there fees/minimum limits for withdrawal from the cash app to the card?

I've been tried to set it up just for the random name but the incoming payments never proceeded and I've been asked by the app to verify my identity which was failed too (I guess because my Id name not the same as a name I used there)

If someone would be so kind to let me know how it works I will be waiting for your responds here or just direct message me! Thanks.



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Aug 23, 2018
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Don’t use your real name!! It does show up. The only info I’ve ever given it is my cam name and the account/routing numbers for deposits. You shouldn’t have to verify unless you’re doing large transactions, I think it’s over $200 in a day? It is also definitely a risk, like so many of these, that your account could be closed for being a SWer. So no dirty notes in the menos, always a deposit your money immediately and be judicious about what you use it for. My cashapp is quite low volume, it’s basically just a way for a few regulars to tip me to buy a cup of cofffee/dinner etc or smallish transactions generated on snap.


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May 8, 2020
Houston, TX, USA
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2. Is there fees/minimum limits for withdrawal from the cash app to the card?
I've never bothered with their card, because I put all my spend onto credit cards. I could go on, but the short and sweet is that you gain nothing by using debit cards for your transactions. Don't leave the money on the table.

I'm happy to advise on personal and business finance issues - just ask