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ignoring and not helping site support

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Nov 14, 2022
a year ago, my account was banned due to the fact that I incorrectly photographed my legal, not photoshopped, real, valid passport during the re-confirmation of age. I really made a mistake in photographing my passport and I was not given a chance to pass the age verification again. a year later, I was answered in support (FINALLY, BECAUSE THEY IGNORED ME FOR a WHOLE YEAR) that they really permanently blocked my account because of my passport, but the support ignored everything else, namely the reason why the system could have mistaken my passport for a fake one. for several months, I, my representative and some of my members wrote to the support service, but all letters were ignored, even letters with a photo of this very passport. I want to work on this site and fix this minor mistake. I have not violated and am not going to violate any rules of the site. I just want to clarify this situation
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Ban means ban. Why were you trying to reach out to them for this whole year? You could've been a millionaire already if you made a good use of your time :)
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Hello @Anya_Muna Support confirmed they previously provided you with a detailed response. Unfortunately, support is unable to assist further.
they told me that my ban was really because of my passport. But I didn't break the rules. I really took a wrong photo of my passport. I'm only asking for a second attempt at verification. I want to clear this up and get my account back.
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