Length of ban

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Jan 21, 2014
I've been on MFC for a while, and I act as Room Helper for some of the models. Every now and then, a room troll or chatroom poacher needs to be banned. Assuming the screen name of the offender was JoeTroll, I would use the command /ban JoeTroll 8640h to keep him away from 8640 hours (one year). Since I can't see the interface in the model software, I can only assume that the commands for room helpers and models have a slightly different syntax. I say that because I have suggested using the /ban <username> 8640h command to some studio models who aren't allowed to have a room helper; when they try that command, they get the message Error: Bans cannot exceed 24 hours. I initially thought it was an administrative rights issue, but now I'm wondering if there's a different command syntax that a model needs to use in order to ban someone for more than 24 hours, or if there's possibly a tutorial link I can pass along to a model.

I have a similar question about the Ignore command. It took me a while to learn that I could prevent someone from posting on my profile page by adding him or her to my Ignore list. I suggested that to a model friend who has been the recipient of four or five troll comments on her profile page every day, all from the same person. She tried that and it didn't work. Any suggestions or tutorial links I can pass along to her are greatly appreciated. I'm sort of working blind here since I don't know how the member software and the model software differ.

For the record, I have asked MFC Support about both of these issues. They were quite helpful many years ago, but now they almost always reply, "Tell the model to contact us directly."

Thank you in advance.