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Misconceptions of Hard Work

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Feb 10, 2020
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3 years ago I started my camming journey. With no sexual background work experience but 19 years in bartending, I was stepping into the unknown. Talking into the camera and not being awkward was number 1.... feeling like I was talking to myself was number2... and wondering if I should do what everyone else was doing was number 3. Anyone who has ever asked Me how to start this..I reply... if you aren’t willing to put in the hard work... don’t do it. Oh, you were always the hot girl in school and everyone wanted you??? Cool fucking story... here, you are a little tadpole in a big fucking pond. You can let that shitty mindset go. You may have a “10” body, but if you lack speaking skills and have zero personality, you will end up crying into your implants. Here, there’s someone for everyone. I am so lucky that I am a Non-nude in public chat chick and I fucking rock it. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me and has worked for many before me. It not only attracts the purest of people, but once the laptop shuts, I feel absolutely full. To each their own, yes, and I don’t knock anyone for how they do their individual shows. But, as a mother of a 22 year old daughter, ( no she has no idea) and a wife of 18 years,( yes he is aware) this is how I choose to conduct my shows. I’ve realized that camming and bartending is not so different. Teaches people skills, communication, how to handle drunks, or in this case, over testosterone filled men or trolls, how to correctly be a smart ass and be whitty, what to talk about and not ( think politics and religion), how to be patient, and how to engage and have people enjoy themselves while in your room. I’m 38, older than most my peers, lived and learned, grown super tough skin ( which is definitely a must), and built that “love myself as is” attitude. I work daytime hours, which slims down the chances of getting over hormonal asshats who use “bb”, “bobs”, and any other Uber hillbilly slang of endearment. I’ve learned that MILF fetishes are actually a thing which helps my cause, that there are many of fetishes I’ve learned about that I didn’t know exist, and for the most part, men just want to listen and be listened to. I mean, they can go to any room and see the same old fake moaning while using the Lovesense gal, or the cute girl who doesn’t talk but sits idly watching her phone, but how many can get just a regular gal, chatting about anything from what’s for dinner to how to lip sync properly? Yes in fact I may be out of my element and may do things differently, but considering that 60% of new models fail within the first 3 months either because it’s not as easy as they thought it would be, or don’t have that tough skin to brush the haters, 3 years later I feel like I’ve made it. I work hard... sometimes 8-10 hours a day, I spend loads of time coming up with contests or giveaways, keeping my profile fresh, and keeping MFC Share updated with the latest vids and pics. It’s not easy or everyone would do it right? So whether a new model just coming out do not give up and be yourself, or whether a veteran model... keep doing you! If you put in the hard work, it will definitely pay off in many ways. Operative word being “work”.
And remember, lift each other up and give support to your fellow peers not tear them down.. the ugliest trait someone can have is jealousy. Cam on
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