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noobie on mfc

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Sep 10, 2017
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Hi guys! Im a new model on mfc and i have some questions.. i really like it so far, its fun just hanging out with the guys, and just the entire community, i really want to be a part of it. I dont have any toys or anything at the moment, and im working off a shitty chromebook, and i want to get a better laptop/some toys eventually.. but im having issues getting guys to stay in my room & actually tip. ive worked 2-4 hours almost every night for the past week (i skipped garbage night bc i have roomies and no doors just curtains, it would have been too loud lol) and since i started ive made a total of 240$CAD which isnt a lot.... my first night online is when i made most of my cash too.. im trying to stick it out, im planning on making videos to sell, ive tried games like strip hangman.. but it doesnt seem to be working. I would be happy making at least 50$ a night for now... any tips??? help!!!
May 11, 2017
Terra Firma
Sometimes it's a few little things here and there to help attract and keep members. Could be anything from just adding a couple of profile pics to changing up some of your topics. There's been a few recent threads on similar topics of attracting and keeping members, which have some good ideas. If you haven't read them, be worth spending some time on there.

Should also note that it's been pretty slow all over for models. Hopefully will pick up in the very near future. So, it might not be something you're doing, or not doing .
Sep 11, 2017
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My best advice is to just be yourself and imagine being you, but turned up 80%! Keep a smile on and tease tease tease! Look into videos and articles on seduction and the art of teasing. Maybe a few on exotic dancing and striptease, too. Research the things you're comfortable exploring and performing for the members. Another thing you could try is finding your "thing". You'll see most camgirls have a specific vibe they put out, whether it be "girl next door" or "kinky freak next door" and anything and everything in between. ACF also has an amazing and ridiculous amount of information to get your gears turning. Research is honestly half of camming in the beginning. Just read through some of the threads here and you're guaranteed to leave with a lot more information and knowledge than you had before.
Every night is completely different, some nights it will be AMAZING, some nights dead. Also keep in mind, CONSISTENCY. Creating a schedule helps the members look forward to seeing you when you're hopping online. If nobody is talking in your room, just kinda talk to yourself and have some music on and singing to the lyrics, keeping that smile. It will look like you're having a good time and talking when they view your cam ;) Get creative with the games you play! Try having themed nights and always log in with confidence and a goal in mind. Stick to it! You've got this :cat:
Jun 18, 2017
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As a member I always like to recommend having a good Tip menu. With low, medium and high priced options. Then when a guy comes to your room they can get a feel of 1 - what you are willing to do and 2 - how much you would like for an activity. And if you have a range of prices then they have easy things to "try out" if they want.
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